HP mini CQ10 110-3000 110-3012 110 3100 Series Replacement Battery

Compatible Models:

 COMPAQ: Mini 110-3000,Mini CQ10,Mini CQ10-400,Mini CQ10-400CA,Mini CQ10-400EJ,Mini CQ10-400SA,Mini CQ10-401SG,Mini CQ10-405DX,Mini CQ10-410SF,Mini CQ10-420EF,Mini CQ10-420SF,Mini CQ10-450CA,Mini CQ10-450EA,Mini CQ10-500,Mini CQ10-500EA,Mini CQ10-500SA,Mini CQ10-500SS,Mini CQ10-510CA,Mini CQ10-510SG,Mini CQ10-510SS,Mini CQ10-514CA,Mini CQ10-520SG,Mini CQ10-525DX,Mini CQ10-530EG,Mini CQ10-550CA,Mini CQ1O-510CA               HP:Mini 110-3000,Mini 110-3000 CTO,Mini 110-3000ca,Mini 110-3000ea,Mini 110-3000sa,Mini 110-3001sg,Mini 110-3001tu,Mini 110-3001xx,Mini 110-3002sg,Mini 110-3003eg,Mini 110-3003tu,Mini 110-3003xx,Mini 110-3004tu,Mini 110-3005SO,Mini 110-3006TU,Mini 110-3009ca,Mini 110-3009tu,Mini 110-3010sa,Mini 110-3010sf,Mini 110-3011sf,Mini 110-3012sf,Mini 110-3012tu,Mini 110-3014sf,Mini 110-3014tu,Mini 110-3015dx,Mini 110-3016sf,Mini 110-3016TU,Mini 110-3017TU,Mini 110-3018ca,Mini 110-3018cl,Mini 110-3018tu,Mini 110-3019LA,Mini 110-3020LA,Mini 110-3020sa,Mini 110-3020tu,Mini 110-3021LA,Mini 110-3025TU,Mini 110-3028TU,Mini 110-3029TU,Mini 110-3030nr,Mini 110-3030sa,Mini 110-3031nr,Mini 110-3042nr,Mini 110-3050ca,Mini 110-3053ca,Mini 110-3060ea,Mini 110-3098nr,Mini 110-3099nr,Mini 110-3100,Mini 110-3100 CTO,Mini 110-3100ca,Mini 110-3100sg,Mini 110-3101ea,Mini 110-3101eg,Mini 110-3101sa,Mini 110-3101sg,Mini 110-3101tu,Mini 110-3102eg,Mini 110-3102sa,Mini 110-3102sg,Mini 110-3102tu,Mini 110-3103eg,Mini 110-3103sa,Mini 110-3103sg,Mini 110-3104sa,Mini 110-3105sa,Mini 110-3106es,Mini 110-3107sa,Mini 110-3108sa,Mini 110-3109ca,Mini 110-3109sa,Mini 110-3110ea,Mini 110-3110eg,Mini 110-3110ez,Mini 110-3110nr,Mini 110-3110sa,Mini 110-3110sg,Mini 110-3110ss,Mini 110-3111ea,Mini 110-3111sa,Mini 110-3111ss,Mini 110-3111tu,Mini 110-3112ea,Mini 110-3112sa,Mini 110-3112tu,Mini 110-3113ea,Mini 110-3113sa,Mini 110-3113tu,Mini 110-3115sg,Mini 110-3116tu,Mini 110-3117tu,Mini 110-3118cl,Mini 110-3118TU,Mini 110-3119LA,Mini 110-3119TU,Mini 110-3120LA,Mini 110-3121LA,Mini 110-3123tu,Mini 110-3125tu,Mini 110-3126TU,Mini 110-3127tu,Mini 110-3130nr,Mini 110-3130ss,Mini 110-3130tu,Mini 110-3131ss,Mini 110-3132ss,Mini 110-3133ss,Mini 110-3135dx,Mini 110-3136tu,Mini 110-3138tu,Mini 110-3143ss,Mini 110-3150ca,Mini 110-3150ef,Mini 110-3150sf,Mini 110-3150ss,Mini 110-3155ea,Mini 110-3160ef,Mini 110-3160sf,Mini 110-3170ef,Mini 110-3170sf,Mini 110-3190ef,Mini 110-3190sf

Compatible Part No:


Warranty: 3 months

Cell: 6


T & C

Warranties Returns
1. Goods sold are not refundable.
2. Please include the receipts for warranty claims. Claims without receipts will not be entertained.
3. All item come with 30 days warranty unless stated. No warranty for consumable items which are not manufacturer defect.
4. All warranties are given by respective manufacturers and not by Faith IT Store. Hence all warranties are subject to terms and conditions imposed by respective manufacturers.
5. Return item must be in original packing and Buyers pay the return delivery fees, we will pay the Replacement delivery fees.


1.Domestic shipment (Within Malaysia): Shipping may take 1-5 business days from the date of shipment. Delivery will be based on Pos Laju or Gdex or any other reputable courier service.
2.International shipment: Transit times from Malaysia may take 14 - 21 business days.
3.Shipping and handling rates are determined by the total weight / dimension of all of the merchandise ordered.
4.Import duties, taxes and other customs related charges are not included. Buyers bear all responsibility for all extra charges incurred (if any).
Sometimes, if the item is out of stock we will notify you and will offer the opportunity to exchange another one in stock, or cancel the order, or keep the order temporarily on hold until the item is in stock again. If customer chooses to cancel the order which is out of stock, we will make a full refund on this order.


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