The Most popular aromatherapy ear candling SPA (Home DIY)  


Package Include:

  • 50 pairs of Ear candle.

  •  Colour send in random
  • 2 Designs available - send in random basis

Product Details

  • Feature of Ear Candling:
  •  keep the the eardrum area of clean
  • improve hearing and reduce tinnitus
  • promote lymph circulation
  • deep release the pressure within the cranial cavity
  • relieve the pressure of the ear the trench and sinus tube 
  • effectively removed the excess wax 
  • alleviate related symptoms such as tinnitus and ear itch strengthen hearing 
  • help enhance resistance to infection 
  • enhance taste and hearing 
  • relieve headaches and brain dizzy drowsy phenomenon

 Ear Candling Best Suitable for people who:

  •  working outdoors 
  • dusty work environment 
  • feeling earplugs and allergy 
  • the sinuses tube infection and excessive ear wax 
  • participate in water sports 
  • wear hearing aids 
  • are doing aromatherapy treatments

Ear Candling not suitable for:

  • perforated eardrum
  • pregnant women
  • the menstrual period

Ear candling treatment time: 
once recommended 1-2 pair of ear candling. Basic maintenance available 7 days/ 1 times; tinnitus or ear symptoms, 7 days / 2 times.

 Aromatherapy ear candle ingredients:

  • 100% organic plant material
  • 100% natural beeswax, beeswax, pure essential oils, in full compliance with environmental requirements, 
  • hand crafted



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