Hitachi Air Purifier  [ EP-A5000 ]

Made In JapanThe secret to Hitachi's advanced " Made In Japan" products isn't just technology. It's also our customer-oriented philopsophy of making your life more cheerful and brighther through continuous refinement. 





Allergen-Free Catechin Deodorizing HEPA Filter thoroughly cathches odours* and pollen.

* Proven to effectively reduce ammonia acetaldehyde, acetic acid and hydrogen sulfide. The results of deodorizing performance tests using single odour components in a 1m³ test chamber. Tested by Hitachi. Deodorizing performance differs depending on the space where the unit is actually used.


Remote ControlRemote Control


ECO Mode

Save 36% more energy compared to the Silent Mode.

Applicable Floor Space : ~33m²

Air Purifying & Humidifying

Thoroughly humidifies clean air

  • This humidifies clean air to increase the humidity in aa room to abount 50%. And it can be used in combination with the deosorizing course.

Maintains skin moisture with high humidity

  • Room humidity can be increased up to about 60%. This helps keep your skin moist in the dry season. 


Water Tank Featires


Power Supply : AC220-240V 50/60Hz

Applicable Floor Area : 42m²

Mode : Air Purify, Odour , Pollen, Strong Deodorization, Humidify Skin Moisturize, ECO

Power Consumption : 4 ~ 50W

Sound Level : 15 ~ 48dBs

Filter Type : Allergen-Free Catechin HEPA Filter   [ HEPA H13 ], Heavy Duty Deodorizing Filter, Humidfying Filter

Sensor : Odour, Humidity

Remote Control : Yes

Power Cord : 1.8m

Dimension : 430mm (W) x 242mm (D) x 537mm (H)

Weight : 12kg


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Hitachi Air Purifier EP-A6000


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