容量: 直身350ml 手柄款380ml


手柄款高18cm 直径7.5cm杯口直径5.7cm

材质:瓶体- 食品级高硼硅玻璃



产品优点:安全-采用环保食品级材料,安全 无毒 不含BPA

                密封 精密防漏设计 倒置 外带颠簸均不渗漏

               耐用 可承受高低温 重复使用时不会残留气味和污渍。


T & C

Please keep the receipt as the evidence of good purchase. All the receipt will stated warranty period for the goods. Receipt without warranty period is means there is no warranty on the product itself.

Customer may walk in our outlet to claim the warranty if needed as our technician/ consultant can give you the better advice.

Customer may also give us a call 03-2148 1622 for any inquiries as some product may need some guidance to remote it and our customer service may give a little helping hand on it.


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