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Hardware, Machinery & Tools

DIY at Home

There are times at home where household appliances and furniture are giving you trouble. These headaches can be easily resolved without having to call on the plumber of technician if you have the right skills and correct tools. You might not need it often but it is a life-saver when your pipe leaks and your light burnt out at night.



When it comes to electronic parts, we have parts for you computers, televisions, radios and anything electronics. Our parts include rectifier, connector, audio jack, resistor, transistor, power relay, etc. to aid you in giving your laptop a fix or an upgrade for your computer.


Gardening Tools

Gardening is no longer just a hobby. The cozy little garden of your home needs to be maintained and taken care from time to time. Discover what you need from planting, watering to trimming and transform you’re the look and feel of your garden.

You can definitely find everything you need for your home from, the fastest growing online shopping website in Malaysia. Come shop with us to find the tools or even the smallest parts you need for your pc. We offer the highest quality products and wide choices of DIY tools at the best price.