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***PORTABLE-PALM-SIZE sewing machine***





Handy Stitch is the handheld sewing machine that is portable and cordless. It’s the sewing solution of today that makes sewing fun, fast and easy. It does the job that conventional sewing machines can’t so you can sew anything, anywhere at anytime.
The Handy Stitch uses the latest micro technology that actually fits in the palm of your hand. It has the precision of a small machine to repair delicate fabrics like silk and has the power of a big machine to sew through tough fabrics like denim. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the Handy Stitch is for you. You can even do repairs while wearing your clothes. Repair a pocket without taking your pants off. Fix a hem in the office in no time. You can even use it for patching up outdoors. It’s quick around corners and can add a decorative touch to all sorts of fabric. You would never be able to sew draperies with a regular machine but with Handy Stitch, you have a portable sewing solution that makes life easier. It lets you put a professional touch on your home decorations and will pay for itself over and over. It gives you that genuine chain stitch which means that you get a strong, secure and even stitch every time. It’s battery-powered or AC-adaptable so you can sew any fabric, anywhere at anytime. It’s compact and can travel with you.









  • Lightweight and compact, fits in the palm of your hand 
  • Great for difficult to get at sewing jobs
  • Cordless and battery operated
  • Powerful enough to handle tough fabrics, gentle enough to handle delicate ones
  • Includes needle, bobbin and thread


      • Can sew through layers of denim
      • Battery powered
      • Uses the latest micro technology
      • Fits right in the palm of the hand
      • Portable and cordless
      • Safe on silk
      • Great for beginner sewers
      • Can do repairs on clothes while they are being worn
      • Quick around corners
      • Can add a touch of decoration to any fabrics
      • Gives a secure, strong and even stitch every time
      • AC adaptable
      • Small and compact







    1. Replacement for traditional sewing machines
    2. Pillow cases
    3. Silk
    4. Denim
    5. Repairing pockets
    6. Hemming a skirt
    7. Patching up outdoors
    8. Decorating fabrics
    9. Draperies
    10. Flags
    11. Awnings



How it works

Handy Stitch uses the latest micro technology and is battery powered or AC adaptable. It is also portable and cordless. Handy Stitch has the precision of a small sewing machine to repair delicate fabrics like silk, yet it has the power of a big machine to sew through layers of denim.









How to use it

Replace traditional sewing machines with Handy Stitch

Use on silk and denim, repair pockets, hem a skirt, and more 


The handy stitch comes with 3 mini spools of thread, 1 needle threader, and 2 needles for on-the-go use AND an extension for larger thread spools so you can roll in your favorite thread colors and stitch away at home!

Uses 4 AA batteries (Not included)


Package includes 4 steel bobbins, 3 sewing needles, needle threader, and an extra spool pin for regular size thread.







Why should YOU buy this product? What does it have to offer YOU?

Handy Stitch is a miniature replacement for your big, old-fashioned sewing machine, only it’s so much better and more convenient. That’s because it can quickly repair any fabrics anywhere from silk to denim. Handy Stitch is small and compact, so you can bring it along on your travels or to the office. 


How It’s Different From Other Products?

Handy Stitch is different from other products because it’s completely portable, which means you can carry it around with you, and use it in a multitude of locations for a wide variety of reasons. This machine has the power to stitch just about everything with ease, even denim that’s notorious for being tough to sew.


Does It Really Work?

When it was put to the test, it was found that Handy Stitch really does work, in fact:


~Handy Stitch can fix a hem very quickly, which means you no longer have to hide it;

~This product is great at sewing up holes in pants pockets, while the pants are still being worn;

~Loose stitching on drapes can be fixed, without you having to take them down;

~It’s also possible for you to add decorative strips too if you wish to add a personal touch.



T & C

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2.100% Satisfaction, 
3.No Return, No Regret

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