***Handheld Portable Cooler Fan/Outdoor Fan and Mini-Air Conditioner (For Car or Outdoor)***


Portable Cooler FAN is a mini air-conditioning fan. 
It delivers continuous evaporated cool air flow to keep you cool anytime under 
the sun or at home. 
Portable Cooler takes evaporative cooling technology a step 
forward by engineering big cumbersome "swamp collars" into a lightweight 
mobile device.
 Designed to be used on the go.
Portable Cooler runs on batteries (or USB) for true potability and versatility.
 Simply soak the cellulose sponge (included) with water and turn the power on.
Portable Cooler will instantly provide you with blasting cool air with hours of 
relief from the heat.
Outdoor Uses
* Golfing
* Watching a game
* Resting in Sports
* Amusement Parks
* Sunbathing
* BBQ and Picnics
* Camping
Indoor Uses
* Hot Flashes
* Home and Office







  1. Blows a cool breeze on you wherever you go
  2. Utilizes a 30 db whisper soft turbine system
  3. 90 degree vertical airflow for optimal wind blowing
  4. Blowing speed adjusted by the on/off switch
  5. Flat bottom surface turns it into a desk fan easily
  6. Comes with a wrist strap for easy carrying
  7. Can be used at any angle when held by hand
  8. Great for refreshment when you are out
  9. Powered by 4 x AA battery (not included) or USB cable
  10. Size: 164 mm x 80 mm x 50 mm









ECO FRIENDLY  : 4 x AA batteries allow 5 hours portable operation. Connect to USB (cable included) or home socket power (sold separately) for continuous operation. Includes dedicated 60 ml water bottle, USB cable and 1 x cooling filter. Mere 12 oz with batteries loaded!








EASY TO USE : put the soaked sponge into the cooler body, insert batteries

 or connect USB port,and it begins to work.



a. Please get the sponge out and soak it (not dripping) before use.

b. Don’t inject water directly while the sponge is in the cooler body; otherwise the internal parts will be damaged.

c. After work and no use for a long time, get the sponge out, clean it, and keep it dry.

d. Add some drops of fragrance into the water and the output air will be nice-smelling.

Package Includes
* Portable Cooler
* USB Cable
* 65 ml Water Bottle
* Water Cooled Sponge
 ****Handheld Portable Cooler Fan can be Powered by 4 x AA battery or
USB cable and about the size of a soda can,  this can blow a cool breeze on
 you where ever you go, using air flow to help evaporate water and lower
 temperatures. BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!!! and Carry this portable little air
 conditioner wherever you go and it will keep you cool as a cucumber at all

T & C

1.Product been QC before deliver out 
2.100% Satisfaction, 
3.No Return, No Regret

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