H2 Zeta is orginated from minerals in the ocean and ten combined wih negative hidrogen ions. H2 Zeta has significant result in Aging-reversion, anti-aging, anti-oxidant, improve skin condition such as anti-wrinkles, allergies, ance problems, repair and rehuvenate skin cells and etc.


Japan + United States the latest medical technology, Japan had annual sales of millions dollars.
H2 ZETA Mist Spray has 10 major effects:
1) Regain & against skin allergies
2) Skin whitening
3) Fasten the desalination of black spot
4) Calm acne skin.
5) Eye protection to prevent eye disease.
6) Rapidly improve skin lock water feature
7) Repair and rejuvenate skin
8) Improve skin textures
9) Strengthen the nutrients to be absorbed by skin
10) Eyes protection


@Spray on the forehead ,followed by right and left cheeks and back to the centre of the nose . Next , spray downwards from the right and left sides of the face and towards right and left lymphatic .After 2-3 minutes,gently pat the face to allow maximum absorption tion.At the same time,or can be sprayed at other parts of the body.
*Spray into food or beverages
*Add into skin care products or can be used as eye drops.




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