Some people enjoy to detail their car, while they have the luxurious time to do it, they can spend few hours to do it in a proper way. But some people may not be that lucky, they are pack with all sort of tasks to complete, they are not afford to spend much time on detailing. TIME for them is MONEY!


If you are falling in the second group but you pray that there are way for you to protect your lovely car without spending much time, here is the solution for you! GYEON WASH & COAT KIT


With this kit, you can complete the wash and coat in 1 hour time! First, use GYEON Q2M BATHE+ to wash your car while leaving a strong hydrophobic layer with self cleaning ability, then you further boost the protection with GYEON Q2M WET COAT by spray and rinse! Finally dry your car and you are done! Your car is well protected by a layer of SiO2 coating with strong hydrophobic and self-cleaning effect up to 12 weeks.


Try it, Believe it and Love it!




1. Wash your car with GYEON Q2M BATHE+. Best to match with GYEON Q2M SMOOTHIE (​


2. While the car is still wet, generously spray the GYEON Q2M WET COAT on the surface. You should do it panel by panel and we suggest you to spray the WET COAT enough to cover the surface of the panel.​​


3. Wait for about 10 second then rinse the surface with strong stream of water until you see the hydrophobic beading and sheeting effect.


4. Dry your car with any high quality microfiber drying tower like COBRA SUPREME GUZZLER WAFFLE WEAVE DRYING TOWEL (


Product Details

Package contain:

  1. GYEON Q2M BATHE+ (400ml) x 1


  1. GYEON Q2M WET COAT (500ml) x 1

T & C


  1. Please do not allow the WET COAT to be dry on the surface.
  2. Rinse off the WET COAT after 10 second of spraying.
  3. Durability of the protection may vary from claimed due to environment exposure and after care.


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