Grinding magnetic therapy and health protection


Product selling point;
1, reduce snoring, when you lie on your back, head into the pillow sag area and the neck was raised, breathing relaxed, smooth, natural can reduce snoring
2, the effect of bitter buckwheat;Do cold buckwheat, buckwheat pillow core helps clear refreshing, relaxes the muscles and stimulate blood circulation buckwheat shell ventilation breathable, warm in winter and cool in summer, help step-down, buckwheat through mutual sliding head contour, ensure that the head blood unobstructed, relax tense muscles, improve sleep quality.
3, the effect of lavender;After referred to as vanilla.Since ancient times is widely used in medical, stems and leaves can be medicine, there is good, sweating, the effect of analgesia, treatment is a cold or the flu, abdominal pain, eczema medicine.
4 the effect of cassia seed;Bright eye, liver, long-term consumption can be lipid-lowering, treating constipation, high blood pressure.



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