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1 X Grayns Rice cooker V1.0
1 x laddle
1 x plastic cup
1 x steel balls(2pcs)



The Grayns Rice Cooker the First & Only Rice Cooker In the world that takes the sugar out of rice

Excess of sugar caused Diabetes, obesity, Heart Desease, premature Aging, Hypertension, etc

step by step guide how to use The Grayns rice cooker


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The First & Only Rice Cooker the first & Only Rice Cooker in the world that takes the sugar out of price


Benefits of Grayns Rice

  • The first and only rice cooker that takes the sugar out of rice
  •  Lower GI
  •  Easier Digestion and no more bloating
  •  Recommended for diabetes and weight loss
  •  Less Sugar means slower ageing
  •  Taste better, fluffier and at least 50% more volume when cook
  •  Stays fresh for longer
  •  Keeps your energetic & full for longer
  •  No more sleepiness & lethargy

Cooking rice in the Grayns Rice Cooker dramatically reduces its Glycemic Load thereby making it highly recommendable for reducing the risk of Diabetes. Wight Gain & Cardiovascular Diseases.


THE REAL PROBLEM WITH RICE IS THE HIGH RDS CONTENT Rice just like any other carbohydrate is made up of 2 starches. The 2 starched that make up rice are Amylose and Amylopetin. it is the ratio of these starches that determine if a particular carbohydrate classifies as RDS (Rapidly Digestible Starch) or SDS (Slowly Digestible Starch). Rice hashigher Amylopectin to Amylose ratio therefore classify it as an RDS while Oats has a higher Amylose to Amylopectin ratio classify it as an SDS


The end result is that rice cooked in the Grayns  Rice Cooker has a higher Amylose to Amylopectin ratio as opposed to a higher amylopectin to amlylose ratio almost on par with oat thereby classifying it as an SDS. With the RDS removed rice no longer the sugar that is would be rather it becomes a healthier carbohyrate that provides the energy while digesting slowly into our blood stream without spiking blood glucose levels


SOME AMAZING FACTS OF RICE COOKED IN TEH GRAYNS RICE COOKERHere are amazing facts about rice cooked in the Grayns Rice Cooker when compared to riced cooked in a conventional rice cooker.


Chronically high blood glucose levels have been clinically linked to over 60 different ailment such as

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Prematures Ageing
  • Cholestrol & even Cancer


The Ingenious Grayns revoCook technology intelligently enables a profound 4 stage cooking process

  • HERMOSENSE – provides just the right cooking temperature to gelatinze the rice thereby releasing the unhealthy RDS or Rapidly Digested Starch into water, yet retaining the vital nutrition and minerals
  • This is followed by the DEBOND stage- which intuitively holds the gelatinization temperature compelling most of the RDS to get out of the rice
  • The RDS is then TRANSUDED and drained away into the starch collection Tray
  • The final step for the remaining rice is to DEMOISTURIZE it of its excess moisture making the rice, FLUFFTY, HEALTHY, AND DELICIOUS


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