The GRAYNS™ Rice Cooker is the first & only rice cooker in the world that takes the sugar out of the rice with the capacity of 1.9 litres (TORC1.9). With this, it can help to lower blood glucose/sugar level effectively.


Cooking the rice in the GRAYNS™ Rice cooker dramatically reduces its glycemic Index by almost 35 to 40 % when compared to rice cooked in conventional rice cookers thereby making it highly recommendable for diabetes and weight management.


GRAYNS™ The Revolutionary Health Cooker™ from Grayns Labs USA and Ascenteus Research is a ground breaking invention that redefines healthy living by cooking rice in the “original way” - automatically draining away the excess, unhealthy starch (RDS) or rapidly digested starch from the rice.


A perfect blend of cutting edge technology, convenient functionality, breath taking aesthetics and modern day convenience providing wholesome, healthy and fluffy rice at the touch of a button. The patented and Ingenious Grayns REVOCOOK technology intelligently enables a profound 4 stage cooking process. Please watch the demo video for more information.


The GRAYNS™ 电饭煲是全球首位也是唯一能够将糖粉从1.9公升大米中分离出来。因此,这饭煲能有效协助人们降低体内的血糖。


与传统煮饭方式煮出来的米饭相比,凡是使用GRAYNS™ 电饭煲煮出来的米饭所含血糖生成指数 (glycemic Index)将会被大量减少35% 至40%。因此,GRAYNS™ 电饭煲是非常适合用于糖尿病者和体重管理。


由美国Grayns 研究所和Ascenteus Research 研发出来的“革命养生电饭煲”是一个非常突破性的发明,它能透过把传统煮饭方式转化成将米饭自动排除多余及不健康的淀粉/快速消化淀粉的方式来重新诠释健康的生活。


仅需触碰一个按钮,便能利用完美先进科技,便捷功能,惊人美观和现代化,提供你有益,健康和蓬松的米饭。拥有专利以及高超的 REVOCOOK 技术,能巧妙的启动其4个烹饪的步骤。欲知更多详情,请观看演示影片。

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