Grapefruit is native to the tropical regions of Asia, and is said to have brought to European regions by medieval Arab traders. Grapefruit is trusted to be hybrid variety found in the 18th century by Captain Shaddock in Jamaica, hence it was called as "Shaddock" or "Shattuck" initially. Later it was named as "Grapefruit" mainly because of  its manifestation like clusters of grapes on the trees. Grapefruit was once celebrated as one of the "Seven wonders of Barbados".


Grapefruit oil has high vitamin C content and is therefore valuable to immune system by stimulating the lymphatic system. It helps to protect against colds and flu, positive effect on obesity by helping to remove excess water from the body and also effective in treating cellulite. It has an uplifting on the mood, fight against stress and depression. Relaxing muscle fatigue and stiffness, helps with congested oily skin, toning skin and tissues.




For external use only; Do not use directly on skin, dilute with carrier oil; If skin sensitivity occurs, discontinue use; If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medicine, consult your doctor before use; Keep out from the reach of children


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