• Supports 4K15, 2.7K50, 1080p60 Video
  • Capture 12MP Photos at 30 fps
  • Built-In Touchscreen Display
  • Ultra Wide Angle Glass Lens
  • Interval Capture for Time Lapse
  • Auto Low Light and Night Photo Modes
  • Works with Optional Smart Remote
  • Flat and Curved Adhesive Mounts Included

Product Details

When an action camera is mentioned, a brand will always come to mind, and that is GoPro. They have an extensive amount of series catered to beginners and professionals. Introducing their latest HERO4 Silver, a lightweight, all-in-one solution for your photography and videography needs. This 12MP pixel camera will entrance your audience with its breathtaking high-definition quality. Capture videos at 1080p, 720p, 960p, 4K and 2.7K, mark those videos with its HiLight Tag feature and share it instantly with friends and family via its downloadable app. Whatever your fancy may be, the GoPro HERO4 Silver will definitely capture anything and everything perfectly.

First of its kind

The award winning camera’s from GoPro received an upgrade in performance, the HERO4 Silver is the first of its kind to feature a built-in touch screen display. Now, fellow professionals and avid videographers can frame their visuals, view contents taken on the fly, view, tap, swipe on is display for ultimate convenience. Aside from viewing contents, owners can also access and revise settings on their HERO4 Silver using the display as well.



Stunning visuals

Donned by the people of GoPro, the HERO4 Silver now comes with an enhanced sensor for an even better image quality than the previous brethren’s’. Those stunning visuals will further awe your audience, as videos are captured at 1080p at 60 fps, making it sharper and truer to life than ever before. Its resolution can be scaled down to 720p and 960p delivering a smoother slow-motion playback that is second to none. It also support next generation resolutions of 4K and 2.7K for that ultra-high resolution cinematic quality.



Pixel and prowess

The GoPro HERO4 Silver has an enhanced sensor, allowing breathtaking visuals to be captured. Its 12MP Burst photos also allow the camera to take up to 30 individual frames, per second! The HERO4 Silver hastens the process and ensure those moments you’ve prepared for to be captured perfectly each time. Capture photos, or with its Time Lapse mode, let it capture photos automatically with a set of intervals. This option is great for moments when the trigger button is out of reach. 



Take on the dark

Night-time photography and videography has never been so much more engaging with HERO4 Silver’s brand new Night Photo and Night Lapse mode. These modes permits customizable exposure settings, providing 30 seconds of exposure for a single Time Lapse photo. Whether you’re capturing light trails of cars, the stars or a campfire, there settings will let you take on ultra-low-light scenes with ease. 



Greater control

Adding to the list of convenience, the HERO4 Silver GoPro features built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities to let you connect the device to your smartphones or other mobile devices. Through apps such as the GoPro App, Smart Remote1 and others, you can further control the capabilities of the HERO4 and its functions. You can even share videos or picture taken through text, emails, and even Facebook! 



Video bookmark

Now, videographers can take on their hours of video contents with ease with the HiLight Tag capabilities. Consider it a “bookmark” for their videos, a brand new feature for the HERO4 series. This will mark key moments of your recordings, letting you locate them quickly for playback, editing or sharing later during the day or night. Now you can ensure those backflips, epic jumps, sceneries and such to be featured in the final product of the video.



Immerse your audience

Superview is a feature on the HERO4 Silver; this is an exclusive video mode that captures the world’s most immersive wide-angle perspective. Now, you can include more of you and the surroundings in a single shot, resulting in a more engaging experience for your audience. 



Richer audio

The sound from the ocean waves, skateboard wheels, snowboards going through the fresh powder can now be captured cleanly in high fidelity thanks to the HERO4 Silver. Their cutting-edge microphone delivers up to 2x the dynamic range and is paired with master-class audio algorithm to ensure those recordings are smoother and natural than ever. An external microphone can be added for increased performance.



Turn on and record

There are moments you will not be prepared for, but the GoPro HERO4 Silver will be, this is permitted by its new QuikCapture mode. It will turn the GoPro into a single-button camera where you can power it on and instantly begin a recording. Press once to record video, press and hold for two seconds to capture Time Lapse photos. Never worry again about missing an epic shot.



T & C

1 Year Local Supplier Warranty


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