Get shocked by static electricity when you get out of a car? This is your ideal anti-static car seat Mat to help you release your body static… just by sitting on it!


StatFree® Car Seat Mat is made of high quality anti-static fabric with foam filling inside which provides improved support and comfort while travelling.

·         To help prevent scuffs, stains and marks on car upholstery

·         Color safe construction won't bleed onto upholstery

·         Unique one piece design is compatible with all car seats

·         Latch anchors and seat belts compatible


The car seat mat is made from:-

  • StatFree® Fabric

It is an anti-static fabric which helps to release our body static to avoid electric shocks.

  • Stays Securely in Place

The StatFree® Car Seat Mat is easy to install and stays firmly in place with an anchoring wedge at the back keeps mat in correct position.

  • Non-Slip

Premium non-slip surface on the bottom of mat prevents it from slipping around.

Product Details

What Is Body Static?

As we go about our everyday lives touching or brushing against objects, our bodies continually pick up electrons. As you travel throughout your day, electrons are shifting all over your body. Sometimes, like when you pull your sweater off or slide out of your car, an excess of electrons attach themselves to your body. When you next touch a piece of positively charged material e.g. your car door, the electrons rush from you to the positive charge. The result: a static shock.


The patented StatFree® fabric is a revolutionary fabric that incorporates the latest Belgium anti-static technology. StatFree® fabric is woven with carbon fibre threads which have been scientifically proven to eliminate body static effectively.


Design to encase the car seat Mat, StatFree® Car Seat Mat will help the body to discharge static electricity and tension literally drains away from your body while you are sitting on it.

-          Anti-static function operates throughout the life of the product

-          Anti-static function has the added benefit of repelling dust

T & C

*Available within West Malaysia only.

*Free delivery within West Malaysia exclude East Malaysia.

*For further enquiries, message us at @MyGoodnite,

*Delivery Tracking please call office (03-3250 3333) within working hours (830 - 630pm).

*Delivery lead time 7 working days: Delivery time will be arrange by Logistic Department.


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