Help the prince going to find the princess!

This enchanting mind game is exciting until the very last tile. Make roads with the 9 tiles of the puzzle, so that the correct icons are connected. But beware! Building roads can be more difficult than it looks, and how can you avoid the dragon that is right there in the middle of the crossing?

48 challenges

suitable for age 5 to 99



pathway concept

external factor concept

multi task thinking

creative thinking

Product Details

How is the prince going to find the princess?

GoGetter special with pathway on the border of the play-tray and a dragon on one of the puzzles pieces.


How To Play?

1. Choose a challenge from the guide and place it beside the game board.

2. Begin arranging the nine tiles on the game board to connect the icons pictured on the challenge without creating dead ends. 

3. Once you’ve put in all nine tiles AND made the right connections, you’ve solved the puzzle!



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