On the bus, hold the steering wheel with both hands, turning left and right, you can run, if you want to speed up traffic, should be made part of the body center of gravity vehicle side to side, up to the maximum speed per 2.8m. 
(a) The car can flat play in the living room, parks, squares, residential, kindergartens and other hard. 
(b) the vehicle is traveling around twisting, can exercise the psoas muscle, foot pads dot design stimulate acupuncture points to promote healthy growth of children. 
The car made ​​of high quality PP, ABS, nylon and other plastics and high-quality steel, bearings and so on. 
(a) the car on the road or asphalt with concrete, load shall not more than 55 kg. 
(b) a hard smooth surface such as marble, terrazzo tiles on the ground steel maximum load 100 kg. 
The car takes full advantage of the principle of centrifugal force and inertia of human motion in principle, no electricity, oil can and a rotating device, will be able to freely run.
The car and the steering wheel from the car body, consisting of front and rear wheels and other parts, just observe the diagram will assemble. 
  • Three years of age in the adult accompanying a child under your driving. 
  • Road travel is prohibited in the vehicle. 
  • Car far forward position, shall not exceed the vehicle rear, rear to prevent tilting. 
  • Single assembly Packing size: 80cm × 35cm × 42cm, single NW: 3.8kg 
The product with its safe, fun, entertaining user-friendly design, much of Europe, America and Southeast Asia and many other countries of the user likes. It has the following four characteristics: 
First, let the children be more flexible. Long-term use can improve the child's car reflex ability to improve the child's sensitivity to make action more flexible. 
Second, let the children better. When using the car for multiplayer interactive games, children can develop team spirit, through collective activity can make the child cheerful, improve children's communication skills and language skills. 
Third, let the children smarter. The car is mainly the steering wheel with both hands, left and right brain can stimulate and promote the development of the cerebellum, if long-term use of this product, you can improve the child intelligence, is an "educational campaign." 
Fourth, let the children safer. The product has been popular in Europe, America and Southeast Asia, due to the lower body from the ground (only about 10cm), they were identified as relevant now sports a toy in the most secure.


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