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Promote Hair Growth Naturally with natural herbs !
Gem-mi Hair Tonic is pure herbs formulation, it is made from 13 kinds of natural herbs, help to improving scalp blood circulation, increasing hair nutrition , control hall falls, it is also special effective for the alopecia case-hair growth.
Gem-mi Hair Tonic giving your hair shinny, to make hair strengthen, easy to comb and manageable hair. It is suitable for all type of hair.

Gem-mi 天然草药护发精由13种纯天然热带草药制成的Gem-mi草药护发精,能有效帮助促进头发健康成长、减少脱髮,绝不含色素或化学药剂。

清洗干净头发后,把Gem-mi 喷剂喷在头皮层上,然后轻轻的按摩3分钟,这样不但能促进头皮血液循环,还能使Gem-mi的精华深入皮肤内,使头皮层获得草药的护理,从新长健康的头发。

Gem-mi 天然草药护发精除了能帮助头皮获得营养和抗菌外,防止头发脱落,减少油脂及头皮屑,使头发恢复自然亮丽光泽,容易梳理,由于是由全天然草药制成,无刺激头发的化学成份,所以适合各类头发使用。

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Directions to use: 
Use on dry hair.
SprayGem-mi Hair Tonic directly into affected area, covering evenly. Then slowly massage the scalp as deeply as possible with your fingers. For best results, use every night/morning for the first two month. 洗干净头髮后搽干头髮,把Gem-mi 天然草药护发精素直接喷洒在头皮,以手指按摩数秒钟,如要有更好效果就必须早安各使用一次。

Packing : 150ml / bottle


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