3R Fungus Killer is special formulation to eliminate fungi, bacteria and mould. It is a safe cleaner and deodorizer for all interior and exterior house, garden paths, roofs, driveways and tiles surface.

Contains : 500 ml

Ingredients: Biodegradable Surface Active Surfactants, Wetting Agents, Water and permitted Preservative.


1. Remove excess, debris and waste matter.

2. Spray it to cover the mould growth areas.

3. Allow to react for nearly 30 min. Then apply with brush or roller to make sure the surface is free from mould, fungi, bacteria or       spore. After application rinse off.

4. Allow to dry before painting / wall papering. 

** Not suitable for aquarium.



Product Details

3R Fungus Killer 是用来去味杀菌,霉,青苔及所有表面触及物的先进配方。它能让内外部的表层达到除臭的功能。


容量:500 ml


1. 去除顽固污迹、青苔和霉菌。

2. 喷洒在需要清洗的地方。

3. 让喷剂在表面停留30分钟,再喷洒喷剂后用刷子洗刷,然后用水冲洗,确保表面完全没有霉菌,青苔和孢子。

4. 清除霉菌后,待干后再油漆或涂上墙纸。


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