Yeppp looks so much more pro than the toy-ish looking 7s right!Don’t really fancy the design (too metallic for my liking) though but at least I’m impressed enough by the technology! So much like a digicam just that it’s an instant camera.Comes with this close-up lens too! Attach it onto the camera for better focus when taking pictures from 30cm away. Good for self-shots! The Mini 7s doesn’t come with a close-up lens and it costs about 17 to get one!Picture comparisons The Mini 55i has this “smart background” technology incorporated that produces pictures with brighter background that’s more true to the real thing whereas since the Mini 7s is perpetually in flash mode, the background would always be black. Boo. (Mini 25/50i should have this technology as well!)Love the colours of the Mini 55i cos of the lighter background I think! (But if you take it in clear sunny places shouldn’t be of any difference, just the risk of getting overexposed shots for the Mini 7s!)But however, don’t expect too much from a Mini 55i all the time, cos if the lighting condition of the place’s really too bad, the pictures from both cameras actually turn out roughly the same!First time I got slightly overexposed shots from the Mini 55i. (Can adjust by choosing the “darkening” function I suppose)Only difference with the Mini 7s picture is the lighter background that’s more true to the actual location!เด€


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