Ingredients: Polygonatum sibiricum, Burdock, Ginseng, Gastrodia elata, Astragalus, Foxglove, Chinese yam, Poria, Licorice, red dates, Prune, Wolfberry, Apples, orange, lemon, orange, kumquat, Papain, bromelain, black molasses, grain vinegar


All the enzyme are produced by fermented with molasses and grain vinegar in 1 month.Then after that, will add in the Chinese herbs and natural fruits, fermented for at least 6 months (Natural fruit-derived enzymes).


Viable cell are controlled in acetic acid fermentation process (Generally enzymes vinegar: Will convert to alcohol fermentation after opening, Have smell of alcohol). Unlike the general market enzyme (enzyme vinegar) production.


Generally produce, concentrated fruit juices, vinegar. sugar added and enzyme powder. Produced in shorter time.After opening about a month, will have a taste of alcohol (because bacteria had exposed to air, cause uncontrolled continuous fermentation).

男酵素(綠色瓶裝)成分: 黃精,牛蒡,人蔘,天麻,黃耆,熟地,淮山,茯苓,甘草,紅棗,黑棗,枸杞,蘋果,橙,檸檬,桔仔, 木瓜酵素,鳳梨酵素,黑糖蜜,穀物釀造醋







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