Frozen flower is a magic real flower that bring joy, luck and happiness into your life. It will close up when encounter the water and open up again when it dry. This technology is the Japan technology and being brought into Taiwan. So, what are you waiting for? :) Get it and start your magical journey with this beautiful little flower.

Frozen Flower can live up to 10 years! Frozen Flowers will bloom when its dry, close within 20 seconds when its being watered.

About Flozen Flower

 Q: Is this real flower?

Yes, these flowers are real. It is a type of chrysanthemum that we process using frosting technology to sustain the softness and moisture of the flower.

Q: Where is the flower from?

The flower is fully imported from Taiwan.

 Q: Why the flower do not fade (die)?

Frozen Flowers are being processed under frosting technology in order to lock the moisture within the flowers

 Q: How frequent should I water the flower?

Frozen Flower is recommend to be sprayed 1 times a week. 

 Q: How long can the flower last without watering?

The flower do not fade(die) if you don’t water it more than a month or two. Frozen Flower requires minimal water supply. It can survive with minimal air humidity.

 Q: Where can I get the flower seeds?

We are not selling any flower seeds. Flowers are arranged and sell in various vases. 

 Q: Will the flower grow longer or grow more?

No. Frozen Flower will not grow longer or grow more. Frozen Flower has been frozen as it will not further grow.

 Q: Do I need to place the flower under the sun?

No. This is an indoor plant. Frozen Flower does not require direct sunlight.

 Note: Not to expose to sunlight directly for more than 10 mins, otherwise Frozen Flower will get burnt. 

 Q: Can I keep the flower in air-cond. room?

Yes definitely. 

 Q: Can I place the flower in my office?

Yes definitely! Frozen Flower are meant to be hassle free & modern living for home and office decoration!
























 注意: 不要直接曝晒太阳地下超过 10 分钟或你的小雪花会被烫伤。





 问:我有鼻子敏感问题 / 花粉过敏。小雪花适合我吗?



enlightenedFrozen Flowers are very small size of flowers, we selling RM 2.00 per stalk

enlightened小雪花是非常小型的花,1朵的售价为RM 2.00

Bloom when its dry,close within 20 seconds when sprayed with water.


Frozen Flowers suitable for indoor temperature or in a cool dry place, not under the sun exposure, spray water every week or even once a month. Frozen Flowers suitable display in different shapes containers, while also small dolls as a decoration. Placed on the desk, in addition to beautiful seductive, because not every day watering and careful care, so busy working people can easily take care of  its.

Especially for those who have nose allergic or allergic to pollen, don’t worry, throught technical processing, the Frozen Flowers no pollen.

Is a simple, easy, unique and meaningful gift for your friends and customers.





In addition, we have other colors to choose



Product Details

Width : 0.5cm / 5mm → 0.7cm / 7mm

 : 0.5cm / 5mm → 0.7cm / 7mm

Height : 17cm

: 17cm

T & C

Photos are for reference purposes only. Due to Limitation in photography and the inevitable differences in monitor settings, the colors shown in the photos may not correspond 100% to actual items.




We have limited stock for each item


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