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Packing: 10pcs/box

*7 Days finish care to treat from inner skin. 7 days intensive program

*Cellulose high fit and penetration gives essence supply.

*Mask to give intensive care for aging and environment damage skin for elasticicty

*7-free natural preservative system (parabens, artificial colors, phenoxyethanol, benzophenone mineral oil, sulfates, petrolatum)

*Cellulose + natural silk sheet gives perfect fit, one bottle of ampoule inside for rich moisture and intensive nutrition supply

*Natural cocoon thread natural silk + fiber moisture sheet gives high moisture

*Natural sheet prevents troubles and pore clogging

*No addition of (Formaldehyde, fluorescent brighteners)



7 Days Masks - Monday- Swallow's Nest Nutrition Silk Masks

  • Protein mask to give nutrition for stronger skin barrier
  • Provides elasticity with moisture for silky skin enhancement
  • 5 kinds of plant extract moisture + wrinkle + elasticity + nutrition intensive care treatment mask

     *Bird nest extract 250mg, peptide




7 Days Masks - Tuesday - Volcanic Ash Detox Silk Masks

*Clean volcanic ash absorbs sebum and impurities for clean pores

*Absorbs pore impurities for clear and bright skin

*Absorbs dust provides minerals for bright and healthy skin complexion

*Jeju volcanic ash 99mg, 5 kinds of Jeju plant extract



7 Days Masks - Wednesday - Caviar Moisture Silk Masks

*Caviar and super hyaluronic acid double moisture with moisture boosting mask

*Clean moisture extract synergy pulls moisture particles for all day moisture skin

*Quick moisture and nutrition supply for bright and moisture skin

*Caviar 250mg, super hyaluronic acid



7 Days Masks - Thursday - Tea Tree Silk Masks

*Tea tree oil gives irritated skin soothing with refresh mask

*Balance sebum for bright and clear skin

*Tea tree oil prevent troubles

*Treat irritated sensitive skin with trouble mask

*Soothing moisture care for moisture clear skin

*Tea tree oil 50mg, clean green tea leaf extract



7 Days Masks - Friday - Gold Regenerating Silk Masks

*Elasticity mask to give tired and saggy skin fresh lifting

*24K gold circulate blood to activate skin

*Wrinkle enhancement clinical tested

*Gold 24K 0.025mg, peptide



7 Days Masks - Saturday - Mayu Elastic Silk Masks

*Elasticity mask to give tired and glow for elastic firm skin care

*Natural mayu ingredient with rich nutrition and moisture supply gives healthy skin

*Moisture + Skin protection +Skin soothing + stronger barrier with mayu ingredient

*Skin friendly absorption gives skin energy

*Mayu 50mg, hydrolyzed elastic



7 Days Masks - Sunday - Black Pearl Brightening Silk Masks

*Black pearl rich minerals and amino acid purify skin

*Gives glowing moisture skin care with brightening care

*Vitamin C brightens eye areas, black pearl gives clear and bright purification

*Vitamin C gives clear skin with external environment protection

*Pearl extract 250mg, vitamin C




[How To Use]

*After face wash use toner and place mask on the face.

*Remove after 20 minutes, tap excess amount of essence for absorption.



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