分辨率:0.1℃ 精确度:(-20℃~80℃)±1℃
电压:DC 1.5V
◆ 测温记忆功能
◆ 测温及显示低电压功能
◆ 省电功能:如果15分钟内无操作将会自动关机
◆ 传感器故障显示
◆ 华氏以及摄氏显示功能转换
◆ [ON/OFF]:按此键开机或关机。开机后1.5秒将显示上
◆ [℃/ ]:在测温模式下按此键实现华氏,摄氏转换。
◆ 测温及显示低电压: 如果电压低于1.3V LCD 将显示"
◆ 当传感器断路或低于测量范围时会显示E00,当传感器


Meter design, we can not put the oven !! amount generally used as do temperature, the temperature of the food, or other high temperature requirements snacks. Its main feature is the oil temperature can be measured.

The products are mainly for export, it is in English packaging, instructions in English, and now follows the manual translation, no other with Chinese instructions.

Digital Thermometer PT-1
Temperature range: -50 ℃ ~ + 300 ℃ (-58 ℉ ∽ + 572 ℉)
Resolution: 0.1 ℃ Accuracy: (- 20 ℃ ~ 80 ℃) ± 1 ℃
Voltage: DC 1.5V
◆ Temperature memory function
◆ temperature measurement and display low voltage function
◆ Power saving function: If no operation within 15 minutes will automatically shut down
◆ Sensor fault display
◆ Fahrenheit and Celsius display conversion
◆ [ON / OFF]: Press to turn on or off. 1.5 seconds after power on will be displayed
Temperature measurements, and then enters the measurement mode. If there is no operation, 15 minutes
After the automatic shutdown.
◆ [℃ /]: In temperature measurement mode, press this key to achieve Fahrenheit, Celsius conversions.
◆ temperature measurement and display low voltage: If the voltage is lower than 1.3V LCD will display "
Low pressure. "
◆ When E00 is displayed when the sensor circuit or lower than measuring range, when the sensor
E11 will be displayed when a short circuit or actual temperature is high and the measurement range.

T & C

Shipping & Delivery

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  2. 产品只能传送到投递地址是一个家庭或办公室的地址。Product can only deliver to a delivery address which is a home or office address.


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  1. 如有材料短缺,交货日期会另行通知。In case of materials shortage, delivery date may subject to notification.
  2. 商品售后概不退还。Goods sold are not returnable.
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  4. 如有误送任何不对的产品,请连同印本发票单并第一时间联系电邮kee_lee_top@hotmail.com或致电: 017-5151665安排回退。.  Any exchange or return due to incorrect item delivered must notify seller together with copy of Invoice/ DO through or call: 017-5151665


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