早在我国明代,蚕丝以作为宫廷贵妃的美容美颜秘方,李时珍在他的医学巨著《本草纲目》中就有记载,天然蚕丝可以使皮肤变美,消除黑黯斑,还能治疗化脓性皮肤病。蚕丝蛋白由75%的丝心蛋白与25% 的丝胶蛋白所组成,富含十余种对人体有益的氨基酸。


现代科学实验证明,蚕丝中含有多种氨基酸和蛋白质,蚕丝含有蛋白质大大高于珍珠,其中含氮量比珍珠高 37倍,主要氨基酸含量高10倍以上,具有高度美白、保湿效果及保护肌肤不受外界的刺激功能,是过敏性肌肤也能够安心使用的纯天然成份。


所以,对于隔绝有害物质及紫外线侵害有明显效果。再加上氨基酸组合和人体肌肤的天然保湿因子(NMF)中的氨基酸组合相似度极高,也很容易被肌肤所吸收,涂于皮肤10秒钟左右,蚕丝蛋白就能渗入皮肤质层,发挥保温作用,其透过角质层与皮肤表皮细胞结合,并被细胞作为营养吸收,参与和促进细胞代谢,为其新 陈代谢提供必需的养分,还能修复已损伤的皮肤。


促进肌肤细胞再生的作用。实验进一步证实,蚕丝蛋白对黑色素生成的抑制更为有效,丝缩氨基酸还能抑制皮肤中酪氨酸酶的活性,从而抑 制酪氨酸酶生成黑色素,有内而外改善暗淡肤色。富含多种氨基酸和小分子蛋白质,极易为肌肤吸收,提供肌肤美白所需的营养成分。

15 sachets / box


The FontaineBleu Natural Silk Peptide Plus is the new anti-aging element that contains the human growth factors such as the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) and Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF), 18 types of amino acids and natural moisturising factor. All of these are natural elements of healthy skin as they help promote collagen reproduction that firm, moisturise and give your skin a whitening effect.


What is Silk Peptide?

Silk Peptide is extracted from silk glands and can easily bind to the protein in human skin. 100% natural protein, it is made of fibroin and sericin proteins. The fibroin is known to be elastic and thus, gives skin an anti-wrinkle effect and protects and speeds the healing of wounds.


The sericin material in the silk peptide on the other hand is a large protein that surrounds the fibroin. Having low molecular weight, sericin is known to possess good moisture absorption as they enhance skin’s moisture retention, protects skin from UV rays and have anti-bacterial effects.


What are the amazing effects of using the FontaineBleu Silk Peptide range?

Add FontaineBleu Silk Peptide to your skin regime and your skin can experience TEN benefits! This range provides your skin hydration, radiance, whitening, firmness, elasticity, smoothness, pores reduction, an even skin tone, a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and helps with pigmentation issues. Based on clinical results on third party clinical trial, users showed visible results of all the ten signs of aging in just 15 days!


The FontaineBleu Natural Silk Peptide Plus is so easy to take. Just stir in a sachet of the Peptide in water every morning and night, drink it immediately. This is to be taken on empty stomach 15 minutes prior to meals. For best results, drink plenty of water to enhance the skin cell’s “Moisture Locking System”. It’s that easy to get beautiful skin!

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15 sachets per box

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