FireShot Super Bright Q5 LED Flashlight Zoomable Torch Light

FireShot / Shine Fire Super Bright Q5 LED Flashlight Zoom able Torch light


1) The central switch: more convenient to use this switch with touch function, gently touched this switch can easy change mode.
2) The torch light can directly plug in for the charging, which greatly facilitates the use of travel charging.
3) Using the 7399 latest circuit boards, power outages do not have to worry (usually battery time: high light about 2 hours, low light about 5 hours)!
4) Lamp independent rotary dimmer (i.e. mechanical zoom), the zoom length does not change during the torch; very convenient.
5) Make use of the United States latest CREE White LED, brightness up to 200 lumens. Long life, lamp life up to 100,000 hours.


A. Bright light, brightness 240 lumens, 800MA -1200MA
B. Dim light, brightness 130 lumens, 350MA-450MA
C. Flash light, brightness 240 lumens


·         Convergingbeam: strong penetration, can penetrate fog, smoke, automobile glass.

·         Defocusedbeam: can freely set according to the size and brightness, eye comfortable, 100% light power.

·         Can be used for road inspection, reading, repairing, etc.


灯泡及附件种类: LED

材质: 铝合金

重量: 150g

电池规格: 18650 Battery or 3xAAA Battery

档位: 3档(Bright Light, Dim Light, Flash Light)

是否可调焦: 是

连续照明时间: 4-6小时

使用时间: 15W小时

是否防水: 是

是否可充电: 可充电

充电时间: 4-10小时

产地: 中国

适用环境: 日常携带露营徒步夜...

运动户外项目: 垂钓自驾游徒步露营...

长度: 15·5厘米






(1): 采用中部开关使用更加方便此开关带触摸功能,轻轻一摸就可以自己行换档,不需要每次按开关.

(2): 采用直接插在手电上充电,大大方便旅途充电使用!

(3): 采用最新7399线路板不用为断电烦恼! (一般电池使用时间:强光2中光5小时)

(4): 灯头独立旋转调光(即机械变焦), 变焦其间手电长度不变化非常方便

*采用美国最新CREE LED光色正白亮度高达200流明。寿命长,射程200聚光效果好,泛光优秀!灯泡寿命高达10万小时以上.

A.强光,亮度240流明,800MA  -1200MA




Package include as below:-

Product comes with 30 days warrantty upon received!



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