FINITI™ contains the only proprietary blend of natural ingredients known to safely lengthen short telomeres and maintain healthy stem cells. It also protects your DNA, telomeres, and cells from oxidative stress. FINITI™ is Jeunesse's most advanced anti-aging supplement to date. Contains no artificial colors or preservatives.


FINITI™ naturally enhances the enzyme (telomerase) needed to lengthen our short telomeres.* This adds healthy life to our cells. Thousands of studies show the connection between short telomeres and the natural process of cellular aging. Of course nothing is known to stop aging, but healthy cells equal healthy internal systems. Healthy systems equal a healthy body. And a healthy body equals a strong, happy, youthful you.


- Active telomerase 

- Delay Cellular Aging

- Cell Immune System 

- Feeling Youthful 

- Stem Cell 

- DNA repair



Contains the only known patented nutrient shown to lengthen short telomeres in humans*

Transiently activates telomerase, the enzyme that adds length to telomeres*

Supports the delay in cellular aging, including cells of the immune system

Promotes a feeling of youthful vitality

Contains a powerful combination of antioxidants that protect our cells, DNA, stem cells, and telomeres from oxidative stress

A source of natural nutrients that help maintain our body’s adult stem cells

Supports our natural rejuvenation system

Supports the maintenance of our natural DNA repair mechanisms


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