FIG fiber Cellulite Herbal Capsules
What is FIG capsule?
FIG fruit contains a lot of pectin and vitamins, fruit after swelling, it can absorb a variety of chemicals. After eating figs, make the intestinal absorption of various harmful substances are then eliminated from the body, purify the intestinal tract, and promote beneficial fungi proliferation, inhibition of rise in blood sugar, maintain normal cholesterol levels, rapid discharge of toxic substances.

Figs are rich in protein enzymes, lipase, amylase and oxidase enzymes, which can promote the decomposition of protein, a good role to help digestion.

FIG fruit can stop diarrhea, cure sore throat, warm-up and control of neuralgia and hemorrhoids, swelling effect of lubricating the skin cosmetic effect.
Contains a variety of anti-cancer substances, is an important raw material research anticancer drugs.
Japanese scientists extracted from fig benzoyl Chuo juice, bergamot internal fat, Bugu ester elements such as anti-cancer substances, these substances on cancer cells significantly inhibited, especially gastric wonders.
Gastric cancer patients after taking the fig extract condition improved markedly, the analgesic effect is very obvious.
Pharmacists confirmed figs sweet peace, good detoxification swelling, and having stomach lungs disinfection efficacy. According to "National Chinese herbal medicine" records, fig roots, leaves, fruits can be used as medicine.

Are you looking for weight loss or want to own more healthy recipe will not rebound?
>> FIG herbal fiber capsule << Cellulite is your best choice!
Because it has on your body needs extensive and rich nutrition.
Rapid consumption of body fat, help the body build fat spacer layer, reduce the absorption of excess body fat and excreted.

• metabolism, activation of cells
• refreshing, not doze
• enhance memory
• rapid calorie burn, remove stubborn fat
• promote the vitality and physiological functions
• Improve indigestion, reduced appetite
• improve constipation
• antioxidant activity
• promote the metabolism of chromium-rich
• With the green figs taken, a special mixture of enzymes to help digestion
• quick and not rebound, no diarrhea
• anti-caries
• Eliminate Fatty Liver
• 100% natural herbs
• FIG capsule developed from the use of seaweed plant
• No artificial colors or flavors
• Do not add sugar or preservatives
- So is intestinal absorption of harmful substances discharged
- Purifying the intestine, • easy to carry, easy to use, twice a day, every 1-2 capsules
• FIG is the Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) and factory production under GMP certification

Ingredients of Fig
• figs California Figs Extract
• Guarana fruit Guarana extract
• European hawthorn berry Hawthorn berry extract
• ginger root Ginger root extract
• isomalt (ISOMALT)

Figs California Figs Extract
- Fresh fruit is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine
- Low heat
- Detoxification swelling
- Significant satiating effect
- Rich in dietary fiber, absorb a variety of chemical substances and promote beneficial fungi multiply in the gut
- Suppressing rise in blood sugar, maintain normal cholesterol levels
- Exclude the role of carcinogens
- Lower blood lipids and lipid decomposition function
- Promote digestion
- Laxative, lowering blood pressure
- Rapid consumption of body fat
- Help the body build fat spacer layer
- Reduce the absorption of excess body fat and excreted

Guarana fruit Guarana extract
- Refreshing
- Yin and yang
- Control of appetite
- Ease the pain
-Physical recovery
- Add energy
- Supplement glial
-Physical fitness
- Enhance the physiological function
- Enhance the physiological tolerance

European hawthorn berry Hawthorn berry extract
- Natural cardiac safety
- Elimination of heart failure caused by lower limb edema
- Improve Heart Disease
- Promotion of contraction of the heart,
- To improve the strength of the heart beat,
- Further improve the vitality of the myocardium,
- Adjust the heart rate is not the whole

Ginger root Ginger root extract
- Attending a cold cold
- Improve cough, fullness
- Improve diarrhea
- Relieving pain
- Anti Colon Cancer

Isomalt (ISOMALT)
- Of a sugar substitute
- Obtained from sucrose.
- Anti-caries
- Low-calorie
- Suitable for diabetics to eat

Dosage: each morning and evening 30 minutes before meals 1-2 capsules, 2 times a day with warm water taking.
A lot of water is recommended taking this product period, because the fat burning need to drink plenty of water.

[Contents]: 280Mg * 60 Li

If you are taking other medications, are pregnant or lactating, consult a qualified medical advice. Not recommended for persons under 16 years old to 65 years old for human consumption.

Formulated by California

FIG 草本纤维消脂胶囊

什么是 FIG 胶囊?


中药师证实无花果性味甘平,擅长清热解毒消肿,且具健胃清毒润肺的功效。 根据《全国中草药汇编》记载,无花果的根、叶、果实均可入药。

>> FIG 草本纤维消脂胶囊 <<是您最佳的选择!

•FIG是药监局(SFDA) 和 GMP 认证工厂下生产

Ingredients of Fig
•无花果 California Figs Extract
•瓜拉那果实 Guarana extract
•歐洲山楂莓 Hawthorn berry extract
•姜根 Ginger root extract

无花果 California Figs Extract


瓜拉那果实 Guarana extract

歐洲山楂莓 Hawthorn berry extract

姜根 Ginger root extract





Formulated by California



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