Natural Tone Fenugreek seeds powder bag contains naturally grinded Fenugreek seeds. The final product is to be infused with hot water, just as simple as usual tea bags. This process can be repeated many times, until the color and taste are completely gone. Fenugreek seeds powder bag comes with its unique fragrance, it provides us plenty of health benefits in a convenient way.


Natural Tone葫芦巴籽粉包袋为纯天然磨成粉状的葫芦巴籽粉,可以重复加水冲泡多次,直至无色无味为止。葫芦巴籽营养好处多,香味独特,价格实惠,方便饮用。

Product Details

 Benefits / 功效

  • Immunity regulation / 免疫调节
  • Reduce blood sugar level / 降低控制血糖
  • Reduce cholesterol /降低胆固醇
  • Reduce Cardiovascular risk / 降低心血管疾病风险
  • Alleviate heartburn and acid reflux / 缓解胃酸倒流和胃灼热
  • Relieve fever, sore throat and stuffy nose / 缓解发烧,喉痛和鼻塞
  • Aid digestion / 帮助消化
  • Slimming / 瘦身
  • Breast enhancement /丰胸
  • Ease menstrual cramp / 解经期不适
  • Relieve skin inflammation / 舒缓皮肤炎症
  • Remedies for skin problems / 治疗皮肤问题
  • Lighten scar / 淡化伤疤
  • Anti-tumor effect / 抗肿瘤作用
  • Prevent colon cancer / 预防结肠癌

 Dosage / 喝法

  • Infuse with hot water / 热水冲泡
  • Can be refilled multiple times / 重复加水冲泡多次,直至无色无味为止。
  • Daily dosage 1-3 bags / 每日摄取量1 – 3包左右。

 Caution / 注意

  • Avoid consuming during pregnancy / 孕期禁食用


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