• Aeroplane Chess game board, featuring 4 starting "hangars" in each corner, a "track" of 52 spaces circumventing the board, 4 "home zones" each leading from the track to the "end spaces" at the center of the board. The board is evenly divided between the colors red, yellow, blue and green.
  • 4 sets of 4 coloured airplane pieces, typically red, yellow, blue and green.
  • A 6-sided dice.


Two to four players each try to get all their own plane pieces from their hangars, located at the corners of the board, into the base of their own color in the center of the board. Each player takes a turn by rolling the dice. On a turn a player may do the following:

  • Taxi a piece out of the hangar onto the board. This can only be done by rolling a 5 or 6.
  • Move a piece that's on the board clockwise around the track, the number of spaces indicated by the dice.

Additional rules are:

  • A roll of 6, whether it is used to enter or move a piece, gives that player another roll. A second 6 gives the player a third roll. If the player rolls a third 6, any pieces moved by the first two 6's must return to their hangar and play passes to the next player.
  • When a player lands on an opponent's piece, the opponent returns that piece to its hangar.
  • When a plane lands on a space of its own color, it immediately jumps to the next space of its own color. Any opposing planes sitting on these squares are sent back to their hangars.
  • There are additional "shortcut" squares. When a plane lands on one of these of its own color, it may take the shortcut, and any opposing planes in the path of the shortcut are sent back to their hangars.This may also by done in succession with the previous rule, with a jump leading to shortcut. Some also play that a direct land on a shortcut may be followed by a jump.
  • When a plane lands on another plane in its own fleet, the player may "stack" the pieces and move them as one piece until they reach the center or are landed on by an opponent. When stacked pieces are sent back to their hangar by an opponent landing on them, they are no longer stacked. (Some play without this stacked movement rule.)

Ending the game

Plane must fly into the center base on an exact roll. When a plane does so, it is placed facedown back in its own hangar, indicating that it is done for the game. The first player to get all of four of their planes to the center of the board wins. The rest play until there is only one loser.

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  • Wooden Playing Tiles
  • Wooden Tiles
  • Plastic Playing Sheet
  • Sheet Size : 38.5cm x 38.5cm
  • Stickers For Playing Tiles



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