The far infrared ray, also called the fertile ray, is part of rays of the sun. Its wavelength is closed to that of the human body's, and produces resonance vibration of magnetic wave with the human body by means of it. Thus, it is of great help to the health of the human body.

It can help to:
* Promoting blood circulation, activating cells, and speeding up metabolism.
* Burning excess fats, consuming extra calories, and shaping attractive curues.
* Regulating autonomic nerves, amd eliminating fatigue rapidly.

It using the weaving of high elastic fibres to design this product with human body engineering that has functions of restraining the abdomen and lifting buttocks. It is truly the killer of bulgy abdomens cooperating with the far infrared ray processed at the abdomen.

* 20% Magnetic Powder of Far Infrared Ray
* 20% LYCRA
* 60% Polyamide

Ways of Cleansing:

* Cleansing in the warm water under 30�C. * Do not soak with the chlorine series washing powder in order to avoid damaging the elasticity of fibres.


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