Fairy Beauty Life Food Healthy Protein Powder weight management combination is claimed to be one of the most effective and safest slimming programs. Thanks to a listing of weight loss mechanisms it applies - fat burning, body detoxification, excess water elimination, fat elimination, effective appetite suppression as well as ample supply of nutrients for body health. 

It does not matter whether yo have issues with obesity/overweight/water retention or big belly, you can see prominent results by using Fairy Beuty weight management combination. 

The target that Fairy Beuty weight management combination will want to achieve is body healthiness. It delivers effective slimming benefits without causing adverse effects such as stomach problem, anorexia, malnutrition, rapid weight rebound or other problems. 

Fairy Beauty Life Food is an innovative functional food formula that devel-oped based on the concept of good health and good nutrients. The powerful nutrients combination gears body nutrients absoption and stimulates repair and regeneration of mulfunctioned cells. This compact formula composes rich nutrients that could quence your daily nutrient need; to fuel up as well as empower our body system. 

Make Fairy Beauty Life Food your daily meal. It performs good afficacy in weight management as well as improvement of cholestrol level. Consume Fairy Beauty Life food routinely is beneficial to our immune system, body functions, and promote body prevention against diseases and infections. 


~ Strengthen body lean muscle composition

~ Contouring body figure

~ Effective in weight management

~ Improve cholestrol level/blood sugar level and cardio health

~ Enhance overall body healthiness

~ Nourish and replesnish body wellness


                                                                        LifeFood = 300g per box

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