无论是熟透了的鸡蛋,又或者是生鸡蛋,迷你打蛋器 都能快速的帮您把蛋壳完整的弄掉!不会留下蛋壳碎。而且,生鸡蛋里的蛋黄还能保持完整哦!!!!



EZ Egg Cracker with Egg Separator:

  • Crack eggs perfectly without making a mess and shell-free
  • Separate egg whites in a second efficiently while egg yolks are still in shape
  • Strip shells from hard boiled eggs in seconds
  • No more mess, fuss, or bits of eggshell in your food, the EZ Cracker neatly cracks an egg in just one motion.
  • All that is required is just place the egg in the holder and squeeze the handle. An attachable egg white separator easily parts the yolk from the whites for cholesterol-conscious gnom-gnomers.
  • Have them boiled, fried, or poached; you now can never worry about making an egg-y mess again with this nifty product.


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