Fun for the whole family!
Mini Dentist Game for 1-4 players
Every time you open the croc's mouth a random tooth will be sore
Pick the sore tooth and the croc's jaws will snap at your finger
No loose parts, no assembly, no batteries required
Ready to challenge this cranky blue croc? Don't get chomped! 
Croc's got toothaches and a snap-happy attitude. You're his dentist - so get ready to pull a mouthful of teeth. 
The rules are simple. Croc has a set of 13 teeth. Take turns pressing on a tooth, but don't pick his sore tooth! Or else Croc will snap down on your finger! To win, be the only dentist who doesn't get bitten by the crocodile. 
This crocodile is full of surprises. Every time you open the croc's mouth a random tooth will be sore. You never know which tooth that will cause his jaw to snap shut! 
This crocodile measures 6" long, which is perfect for travel. It's small enough where you can take it anywhere. This is one of those games that could be played by all ages. Kids love it! It's simply wonderful!
Size: 16cm length、14cm width、7cm Height
Material: Imported abs plastic , non-toxic and harmless. 

















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