Everki Flight 机场安检快速通关设计背包,可容纳16            is the perfect backpack for anyone on the go. The backpack easily fits up to a 16” laptop in its ultra-soft padded and felt lined rear compartment that folds 180º open for easy access. This also allows you to pass by airport check points without taking out your laptop! Even with a full load, the Flight keeps your back and shoulders comfortable with its deep airflow channels. Balance is also maintained, thanks to the Flight’s 5-point balance strap system with a fully adjustable chest strap.


The spacious main storage compartment features large zippered pockets, dividers for keeping your documents or peripherals separated and a soft, fine-felt lined pocket that is ideal for your iPad, Kindle or other similar tablet safe and sound. The front compartment has plenty of slots for you to store your business cards, two pens, and any other important documents or electronic components.


The Flight 在Flight背包上方另有超柔软防刮内衬的快速拿取拉链口袋,可摆放随身听,该口袋亦设计一个耳机出线孔,让灰尘或是雨水不会轻易渗入的情况下仍可轻松连结至MP3或是其他电子产品。侧边两个口袋可放置手机充电器、数码相机或其他小型配件,其中一个口袋内附有调整式的束带,行走时可用来固定水壶。

 is backed by Everki’s Limited Lifetime Warranty and world-class customer service所有Everki的产品拥有终身保修以及世界级水准的客户服务

Multi-Functional Easy Access Side Pockets
Side pockets can present a burden and take away from a bag's aesthetic when designed incorrectly. The Flight was constructed with this in mind, with discrete side compartments that maintain the flow of its design, equipped with a range of slots designed to accommodate a number of everyday items like keys, flash drives, writing utensils, and compact portable electronic devices. These pockets are equipped with the same high-quality zippers and metal zipper pulls that secure the rest of the bag.

侧边口袋若设计不恰当,将影响背包的使用性与外观 。因此,Flight的侧边口袋设计与背包融为一体,不但具备流线的外观,两个侧边口袋更设有多功能的小型口袋,可收纳日常用品如钥匙、U盘、笔、小型电子产品等,且皆采用高品质的拉链与拉链片。






                  Checkpoint Friendly
It is no myth that airport security checkpoints impose more and more rules and restrictions all the time. Breeze through security with the Flight’s Checkpoint Friendly laptop compartment. Simply open the compartment 180 degrees, lay it flat on the conveyor, and watch your laptop go through the x-ray machine without the mess and inconvenience of removing it, and should you for any reason be required to take it out of its slot, you can do so easily, without rearranging the rest of the bag’s contents. Fast, simple, and effective.

机场安检越来越严格绝非神话。有了Flight的「机场安检快速通关设计」笔记本电脑夹层,您再也不会手忙脚乱。只要将夹层 180 度打开,平放在输送带上,通过X光机检测,完成通关,完全不用担心拿来拿去的混乱。若遇到安检人员要求须将设备取出,也可以轻易完成,不会影响和移动包内其他物品。快速、省时又有效率。

5-Point Balance Strap System 
Today’s tech-savvy traveler needs a bag that can carry a lot of weight without adding to it. The 5-Point Balance Strap System distributes weight load evenly across the torso to reduce muscle strain and keep you feeling light on your feet with every step you take while wearing the Everki Flight. Like most bags, the Flight has two adjustable straps at the bottom. Everki adds to this two adjustable straps at the shoulders and one across the chest that give you more control over weight distribution and, ultimately, greater comfort.


Ergonomic Back Panel and Shoulder Straps 
Carrying a laptop and all of its accessories can wear a person out pretty quickly. Luckily for the weary traveler, the Flight is designed with pillow-soft shoulder straps and padded back panel that pitch in to help you shoulder the load when you have to carry your gear for long periods of time. Mesh padding and deep airflow channels also allow for maximum air circulation to keep you dry, cool, and comfortable, even while you are in constant motion.


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            See-It-All Pockets
Organizing your belongings can demand more attention than it deserves. That is why Everki outfitted some of the Flight’s many pockets with a see-through mesh covering that makes finding and accessing everyday items like keys and small objects a cinch, even when the bag is stuffed full.


          Dedicated Laptop Compartment
Your laptop is one of your most prized possessions, so it deserves its own compartment. This compartment is equipped with a felt-lined pocket with ample padding to best protect your laptop from bumps and scratches, and further secured with lock-holes on the compartment’s zipper pulls.





Multi-Functional Mini Straps
Convenient mini straps on the front of the Flight’s shoulder straps allow you to temporarily store and retrieve items like sunglasses and ear buds quickly and easily when you are at the cash register or making your way through check-in at the airport, making for a smooth transaction without added hassle.


           Water Bottle Loop
The serious traveler works up a thirst and doesn’t want to have to hold on to a water bottle or fumble around for it in an overstuffed compartment. The Everki Flight comes equipped with a unique loop strap in one of its side pockets that securely holds a bottle in place. Need a drink? Problem solved.

旅客一定不希望随时手拿着水壶或是在装满的背包当中翻来覆去寻找水壶。因此,Everki Flight在其中一个侧边口袋设有水壶固定带,可将瓶身固定好,防止意外翻覆。

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