• It can rejuvenate tired and aging skin,
  • It can make tired eyes look fresher by rubbing a little under and around your eyes,
  • It can be rubbed into your skin to remove redness and minor blemishes,
  • It can help dry skin to feel suppler and younger,
  • It can be massaged into dry skin to make it smoother and silkier,
  • It can be used to reduce and remove fine wrinkles, and
  • It can be rubbed into your skin to help you feel rejuvenated and younger.





  • 它可以復原疲倦及老化角質,
  • 它帮助解决眼肌干燥及眼部肌肤暗沉的问题和减少眼睛的皱纹
  • 它可以幫助皮膚去除紅腫和解脱輕微的瑕疵,
  • 它可以改善乾燥敏感肌膚, 能增加皮膚彈性及防止皮膚早衰
  • 它可以按摩到幹性皮膚,使其光滑,柔滑.
  • 它可以幫助強化肌膚的天然油脂保留屏障。
  • 它可用於減少和除去細小皺紋,和
  • 它可以涂抹到你的皮膚,以幫助你感覺重新煥發活力和年輕。



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