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Euky Bear Eucalyptus Solution uses 100% pure Euky Bear Eucalyptus Oil in a water soluble base making it ideal for both household and  personal use. It has a distinctive clean fresh fragrance and is easy to use with all the benefits of natural eucalyptus oil.

Household Uses
Cleaning : For kitchens and hard surfaces, add two capfuls to one litre of water. Gives a sparkling finish and removes odours.
Laundry : To clean and freshen wash, add three capfuls to wash water.
Pre-Wash : Rub undiluted onto stains or grease on clothes. Leave for a few minutes then add to normal wash.
Freshen Bathroom & Toilet : Add two capfuls in toilets and drains to clean and deodorise.
Sparkling Floors : Add two capfuls to water when washing floors. Leaves a clean, fresh fragrance.


Natural Insect Repellant : Step 1.Put about 1 capful of Euky Bear eucalyptus water solution into a clean spray bottle and screw on the cap and shake to mix or into a pail and mix it with warm water. Step 2.Mop or Spritz the natural ant repellent on items affected by the ant problem, such as on kitchen houseplants, kitchen, dustbin, around doorways and in showers. This eucalyptus water solution ant repellent can also be easily used in outdoor areas, such as on the patio or in the garden.Step 3.Repeat the Euky Bear eucalyptus water solution treatments about once a week, or until you no longer see evidence of an ant infestation.

Removes Labels, Chewing Gum : Ideal for removing stickers and labels from most articles. On plastic, test unseen area first. Excellent for
removing adhesives and chewing gum. Simply dampen with a cloth moistened with Solution.


Product Details

Ideal for both household and personal use.

Special Feature

  • Natural insect repellant (flie, cockroach, ant)
  • Cleans and freshens naturally
  • For household and personal use
  • Long lasting, clean and crisp fragrance
  • Excellent multipurpose cleaner
  • Great in the laundry to remove stubborn stains

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