• Non-invasive, no needles required.
  • Tests blood glucose, haemoglobin level, pulse, blood oxygen saturation, blood flow velocity, etc
  • Smart Android device with 9.7" touch screeen
  • With built-in WiFi and bluetooth connection.
  • Suitable for use of family at home.

Product Details

“Health-Care Computer” positioned as a non-medical device, but provide a “user friendly”, “ accuracy”, “non-invasive” to keep manage personally health data. Specific “finger clip”, skin touch, through “sensor” detect to provide 7 health indexes. Spec-in “wifi” to upload “result” to medical institution consultant or judgement.

Self-Health Computer design-in unique micro-chips, spec-in 23 sensors through specific “finger clip” skin-detect, calculation and simulation to get multiple body health index in once. 2008 Article released Non-Invasive Glucose Measurement by Use of Metabolic Heat Conformation Method”, 2013 apply China Pattern and June 2014 publication.

IOT and wearable are the trend, ESER Health Care Digital Technology is going involved, with very open and wild angle to join this party. Sensor function improve, wild band networking and cloud popular, process of Health-care and Service can be in real time and wisdom. ESER is intention to provide our solution to family, medical institutions, Health Examination centre an any time, any where device health monitor.
The Concept
Invasive and painful are the way today routing measurement of glucose levels, as the measurement requires blood be drawn by the pricking of ginger tips. A reliable, inexpensive, non-invasive device could greatly increase blood glucose level monitoring, and potentially help diabetics willing, routing manage their disease.
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Who we done and show up ?
A non-invasive glucose measurement system based on the conformation (MHC), Base on quantity of heat dissipation, blood flow rate of local tissue and degree of method of metabolic heat blood oxygen saturation.

Integrated various sensors for signal collection and ipnut, a processing circuitFor signal Conversion and amplification and a microprocessor to calculate the values of paramenters(blood glucose concentration, hemoglobin oxygen saturation, concentration, blood flow volume, pulse, ambient temperature and humidity, and shell temperature and humidity), finally display the result.


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