Why Purified Magnetic Water? 

  • Drinkable Without Boiling: Clean waterm safe and refreshing taste; retains minerals in the water; can direcly drink from tap water
  • High Oxygen Level: Drinking in long term improves metabolism
  • Easily Abosorbed: Magnetic water is more easily absorbed by human body
  • High Penetration: Better solubility when brewing milk, tea, coffee and etc
  • Keep Food Fresh: Rinse fish, meat, fruist and vegetables with magnetic water to clean better and preserve for a longer period


Why EnviroHome Water Purifier?

  • TRENDY DESIGN: Integral design; turning the water purifier to become an exquisite household item
  • NO ELECTRICITY NEEDED: safe and energy saving
  • EASY OPERATION: Simple installation and quick filter replacement. No plumbing man
  • PERFECT FILTERING: Ensure healthy drinking water for family
  • LCD INDICATION: Friendly reminder for filter replacement
  • FASTER PURIFICATION: Large water volume


With 3-stage Filtration System, EnviroHome Water Purifier can effectively get rid of the water, rust, sediment, viruses, bacteria and harmful contaminants from your tap water, provides clean and safe drinking water to you and your family. 


1. PP Cotton Cartridge and Active Carbon

PP Cotton Cartridge mixes with activated carbon to help intercept suspended particles in water such as silt, sands, rust, dirt, absorb organic compounds and pollutants, remove chlorine, bad colors and unpleasant odors.


2. Medical Grade Hollow Fiber Membrane 

With membrane density of 0.01 micron, this medical grade hollow fiber membrane can deeply remove ultrafine water particles, pyrogenic substances, organic polymers, viruses and bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, cholera, dysentery, reduce turbidity and provide clean and safe drinking water


3. MES Biological Magnetic Filter

The high-performance magnetizer changes the physical and chemical properties of water, helps to activate, magnetize water and make special effect to the purified water while increasing the value of water for health



Product Details

Capacity: 2000L

Dimension: 105mm (W) x 335mm (H) x 275 (D)

Net Weight: 2.5kg

Color: White


The recommend replacement period for PPF and UF filter is 12 months, while the MES filter does not require any replacement. Filter replacement is simple and convenient, all you need to do is gently turn in out and replace with a new filter. * The filter replacement cycle depends on the usage and water quality in different areas. Poor water quality and greater usage will shorten the filter's life span.






T & C

1. Orders placed before 2pm together with payment prove will be sent out on the same day. If not, orders will send on the next working day.

2. FREE Delivery charge.

3. Delivery is made during normal working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday).However, orders still can be made on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday. Our delivery team will send a notify email together will tracking number after we sent out your order. 


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