• As a parent, we know that you want to make every effort to ensure your child has the best possible start in life
  • Ensuring that your child was book smart used to be enough, but times have changed. 360° Mental Development in Intellectual, Motor, Emotional and Communication skills help your child excel in learning.
  • ·360° Mental Development is the foundation for your child’s exceptional learning. 
  • Pediatricians utilize these 4 key developmental areas to assess the overall development of a child: 
  • Intellectual • Motor Skills • Emotional • Communication

Product Details

  The 360° well-rounded development of your child is demonstrated by milestones across 4 key skill areas, that can be measured at every stage.

·         Providing good nutrition really does make a difference in your child's development from head to toe. In order to help him reach his full potential, you will need to incorporate the right nutrients into your child's diet, as good nutrition lays the groundwork for well-rounded development.

·         Stimulation refers to a child’s active interaction with not only her parents but also with her environment. Stimulation helps to strengthen connections within a child’s brain encouraging development milestones.

·         The brain doesn't develop uniformly. By the time your child is 2, the regions associated with language and motor skills have matured significantly, but those responsible for memory, reasoning, and planning are just wiring up.


  • 1 x Enfagrow A+ Step 3 Original 600g (Without Box)


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