Elegant Jewellery Studio (EJS) Jewellery Making Workshop 

Feeling stressed? Frustrated? Exhausted? Don’t be! Come join us for a fun afternoon and we guarantee that your stress will melt away…

At EJS, we pride ourselves to be one of the top choices as a major hobby that relaxes the minds and lift the souls. Many of our adult studentshave been through it and agreed with us. Not only do we provide a fun and relaxing environment for you to unwind and relax, much like drinking tea, but at the end of it all, you also get to bring home a beautiful and practical piece of jewellery which you’ll be proud to wear! Now that’s what we call a bargain!

We also cater for private classes such as bridal showers or birthday parties, special interest group, etc. with a minimum of 6 persons. You get to select from a wide range of themes, classes or packages available. Call to inquire today!

Upcoming Classes

3-Dec-2016, 10-Dec-2016, 17-Dec-2016, 24-Dec-2016, 31-Dec-2016





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Testimonials "Angie, the founder as well as jewellery expert from Kelvin Gems, was introducing us with the materials, and did a few demonstrations on the jewellery making process. Another thing I love about this workshop is that the class is held in small batches so that EJS instructors can give more attention on each and every attendee."

Fish Fong

Basic Jewellery Making Student


“Necklace, bracelet, earrings, rings… these are all the pretty stuff that a lady wouldn’t miss eyeing on them. The gorgeous colour, the shinning tiny ornaments pieces worn on your body; pretty eh. There are many other projects by EJS and you can actually sign up for these classes. Have fun making your special piece! Special thanks to Angie, EJS and Kelvin Gems for having me over. I learnt how to make my special piece and had a real great afternoon over there. Can’t believe that I can do artworks like this too! ^^”


Basic Jewellery Making Student


"This was my first jewellery making class and glad that we were under the guidance of Angie Ng, she is the Founder and Master Creator of Elegant Jewellery Studio (EJS) is a Jewellery Making Academy established back in early 2013. She did it so fast and smooth while I was like struggling to fix every charm. But I enjoyed the learning process. It not easy so we should appreciate all the handmade stuff. Angie is very passionate and travelled all over the world to learn from top notch designers, sourced for materials from the most common of pearls to Mexican opals and black diamonds - the most expensive of its kind. She is highly regarded by many as one of the experts in the industry."

Sunshine Kelly

Basic Jewellery Making Student


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