1. 双圆环低压气流式动态按摩;

2. 2分钟动态按摩+28分钟高效集乳,一机双模式自动切换,让吸乳全程舒适、科学

3. 吸乳速率加强,妈妈无疼痛感,吸乳更彻底,有效预防产后小叶增生及乳腺堵塞;





1. 双阶段频率设计,按摩催乳、拟真集乳,轻松切换,一机双模式。按摩催乳阶段,按摩乳房,达到催乳的目的;拟真集乳阶段,,模拟宝宝吸、停、放的吸乳模式,轻松有效吸取乳汁;

 2. 马达直接输出最高可达430mmhg的超强吸力,低于60分贝的静音设计,并可依个人体质进行微调的9档吸力设定,让妈妈在吸乳时,以最省力、最舒适的方式来吸取珍贵的乳汁喂养宝宝;

3. 专利防溢流保护装置可防止乳汁逆流,即使乳汁过多或是不小心将奶瓶翻倒,也不会使乳汁逆流回主机,导致机器损毁;

4. 独特的双圆环缓冲式硅胶罩杯设计,能配合吸乳韵律、弹性收缩,让吸乳过程更加舒适,而依照人体工学设计的罩杯角度,能与乳房密接贴合,让吸乳更顺畅;








Electric Breast Pump

● Features

1. The double ring low pressure air - dynamic massage;

2.2 minutes +28 minutes Dynamic massage efficient milk collection, a machine dual-mode automatic switching, so that the breast full comfort, Science

3. breast pump rate strengthened, my mother no pain, breast pump more thorough, effective prevention of postpartum breast lobular hyperplasia and blockage;

4. World Health Organization research data show, 250 ~ 330mm / Hg suction safe, affordable, protect the breast from overstimulation;

5. The ultra-quiet design, does not affect the baby's sleep.


● Function

1. Dual phase frequency design, massage prolactin, realistic set of milk, easily switch, a dual-mode machine. Massage prolactin stage breast massage to achieve the purpose of prolactin; set realistic simulation baby milk stage ,, suck, stop, put the breast pump mode, easily and effectively extract milk;

2. Motor direct output up 430mmhg super suction, less than 60 db quiet design, and can also fine-tune individual physical attraction set 9 files, so that mothers during breast pump, with the most effort, most comfortable way to draw precious milk to feed the baby;

3. The patented anti-overfill protection device prevents backflow of milk, too much milk or even accidentally overturned bottle, it does not make milk countercurrent back to the host, resulting in damage to the machine;

The unique double ring buffer silica gel cup design, can meet the breast rhythm, elasticity shrink, so the breast process more comfortable, and ergonomically designed in accordance with the angle of the cup, in close contact with the breast fit, make the breast more smoothly ;

5. ergonomic, streamlined appearance, the bottom of the slip, mini styling, soft and flexible silicone keypad, intimate lightweight design, easy to carry, use desktop display, home, go tilapia;

6. AC / DC are applicable, the unit restricted four alkaline AA batteries, the machine attached 110V ~ 240V voltage of the power adapter can be used, so that mothers no matter where you are, can be easily set milk.

T & C

Refer to the standard term & condition


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