TataSmart #‎CycloneVacuumBlower #‎TS1038

1. Cyclone Vacuum System 旋风吸尘机

2. 800W with Suction power 18000PA

3. #‎HEPAFilter & #‎DOUBLEFilter System 双重过滤网
*** #‎DUSTMITES have NOwhere to Escape ***尘螨无处逃

4. Blower System 可吹起功能
Have BLOWER function. u can blow the air bed and children playing swimming pool. 

5. Light & Easy to use 轻巧方便使用
*** only 2kg

6. Higher Surface 可达高处清理
**** More Extension Pipe & Handel Provided 备有手把与延伸管

7. Reach ALL Corners 360° 可达360° 角落
*** ALL Corners 各个角落

8. Stand & Easy To Keep 可站立式,不需收藏 
Can stand, no need to keep after use. including a stainless steel handle.

9. contain 12 esscessories. easy for ALL Corner and Cars used. 备有12个配件
( All accessories ready for sales,所有备件都有散买, )

Product Details

**will get a FREE Gift , 即会得到附送品如以下**
1. Bag 包包
2. Extra HEPA Filter 过滤器
3. Extra Extension Pipe 延长管


T & C

Warranty direct from factory 12 months 
厂家保家 12 个月




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