Dual Layer Breathable Root Control Orchid Flower Pot - This innovative pot allows for proper root training and air flow throughout the pot. It is a two part pot with several innovations brought together to create a perfect environment for growing. The outer pot is stiff walled and the inner core pot is a heavy duty net pot which fits down into the outer pot. The bottom have some holes that also serve as channels for water to drain away. Most importantly, the bottom of the outer pot has a “rotary lock”. The inner and outer pots are connected by this rotary lock.

An absolutely innovative pot suitable for flowers, orchids especially Phalaenopsis.


  1. The pots create a growing environment that enhances humidity in the space between the two pots on the sides and at the bottom.
  2. Air flow is significantly improved which reduces potential root rot while increasing humidity.
  3. A further advantage of this design is that it contains the roots inside the pot by encouraging root growth "around and down" rather than over the top of the rim – study shows root grow 20 times more than ordinary pots.
  4. Help to promote the rapid grow of the orchid.(More than double)
  5. Success in survival rate of transplantation above 98%
  6. Improve the stress resistance of the potted plant (Disease and Insect resistance, extreme high and low temperature).
  7. It’s a light weight and reduce the usage of potting media



  • Material : 100% new PP Plastic (not recycled materials)
  • Finishing : Polished
  • Outer diameter : 12.5 cm
  • Inner diameter : 10 cm
  • Length : 12.4 cm


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