Blood Pressure, Monitor, Wrist, Automatic  

1) Intelligent automatic pressurization and decompression

2) Simultaneous measurement of systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse

p>3) Automatic memory function with high-capacity storage memory

4) Automatic power saving device

5) Large digital LCD display

6) The operation is simple, just press the key to open test

Technical Parameters:

Voltage: 3 (V) (2X AAA Battery)

Display: LCD digital display

Measuring range: 20-280 (mmHg)

Measuring method: pulse scanning / oscillographic determination

Pressure Accuracy: ± &# 1 (mmHg)

Pulse accuracy: ± 5 (%)

Applicable Operating Temperature: + 5- + 40 (℃)

Automatic shutdown function:

product information:

Product Dimensions: 70x72x23MM

NOTE: The product does not contain batteries, sold separately, boxed exports in English. Chinese specification required, please contact customer service to obtain the electronic version of the Chinese shop manual!





Proper use of wrist blood pressure monitor:

1, the sphygmomanometer wind be on the left wrist;

2, the strap around from the palm to the wrist at a distance 10-15MM (ie a finger width);

3, please do not put the cuffs volumes residing;

4, holding the lower end of the strap on the wrist while pulling close to the volume, if not snapping may cause measurement error is too large;

5& 44 the remaining part of the strap folded is rolled, so that the lower strap will not cause a burden;

6. Please use the same action to measure with right hand, but in order to reduce errors; the choice of using the left hand is strongly recommended  because the left-handed closer from the heart

7, the height of the wrist strap with heart (nipple position) the same



【product description】

1, simple, accurate, rapid, clear display your blood pressure and pulse value, the error is small;

2, clearly visible large-screen LCD display, convenient for the elderly at home in their own measure;

3, i 0telligent automatic compression, automatic constant speed exhaust, auto-complete measurement, all you need to do is push the button;

4, automatic memory 60 times test results, the date and time of the test, including blood pressure, pulse, including memory function, individually or quickly check all measured values;

5, large-screen LCD display, entirely from the user's point of view to consider, reading fast, easy;


1, automatic pressure measurement

2, 60 sets of data storage function

3. Calculate the last three times the average of the measurement results

4, large-screen LCD

5, blood pressure and pulse displayed simultaneously

6, IHB arrhythmia detection

7. Low battery alarm

Product specifications

1. Product Model: OT-B002

2. Measureme& 110t: arm test

3. Test Method: Methods of measurement pulse scanning / oscillographic determination

4, measuring range: pressure 20-280 mmHg pulse 40-200 beats / minute

5, Accuracy: +/- 3 mmHg pressure pulse reading the value of +/- 5%

6, the storage capacity: 60 times

7, pressurized mode: Intelligent automatic compression

8, decompression: electronic automatic control, automatic rapid exhaust mode

9, t #104e power-saving mode: 3 minutes automatic shutdown

10, use Power: 2 AAA alkaline batteries

11, Weight: 280 grams net weight sphygmomanometer body, after packing box gross weight 540 g

12, life: about 10,000 times

13, the use of temperature and humidity: + 5 ° C - + 40 ° C, 30% - 80% RH

14. Storage temperature: -20 degrees C - +55 degrees C, 10% - 95% RH

15, Size: about 148 * 132 * 55mm

16, Box size: 170 & 42 66 * 220mm

17, Annex: cuff, Chinese manual (with warranty card), certificate, etc.

[Method determination]

Hope to the early, middle, late 1st measured three times, get up in the morning, when you feel comfortable, a few minutes after the toilet, do not urinate when. Take some deep breaths before the measurement, the mood relaxed, to avoid repeated measurements, sitting in a chair, back straight, arm band to be tied, ar& 109 band and heart at the same height.


Avoid before and after exercise, within one hour after a meal, drinking, around coffee, tea, and measured before and after bathing before and after smoking.

Products have international certification

The products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States, the European Union and the United States access to a number of pro 0ucts related to quality certification, product quality is absolutely trustworthy.

"Why is the measured value at home, in the hospital less than measured?"

Home measuring emotional stability, environmental suitability, generally lower than the value measured in hospital 20-30mmHg, so know their blood pressure normal value when the home is very important to calm.

Armband position above the heart level measurement, l 1w blood pressure measured.

"Why is the measured value at home than in hospital measured high?"

People taking antihypertensive drugs, can cause high blood pressure values ​​lose efficacy.

Winding arm position is incorrect, resulting in arterial blood pressure not catch the signal, high blood pressure values ​​measured.

Armband wrapped too loose, mak& 101 less oppressive force transmission arteries, leading to high blood pressure values.

When measuring posture, bending, cross-legged position waiting for easy to produce abdominal pressure and arm band located below heart level.

"Why is the measured blood pressure values ​​are not the same every time?"

In the same time period, the same environment, the same measure the mood state

< >Blood pressure fluctuates due to various reasons: smoking, exercise, conversation measuring, bathing, drinking, stress, temperature changes

Repeated continuous measurement, it will arm oppression caused by poor blood circulation, causing blood pressure changes




  • 1, automatic pressure measurement
  • 2, 60 sets of data storage function
  • 3. Calculate t e last three times the average of the measurement results
  • 4, large-screen LCD
  • 5, blood pressure and pulse displayed simultaneously
  • 6, IHB arrhythmia detection
  • 7. Low battery alarm


What's in the box:

  • 1 X Digital LCD Wrist Cuff Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Heart Beat Meter Machine


Warranty: 6 Months / Half Year Local Suppl& 105er Warranty


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