• Coverage Area 60m² (650ft²)
  • > 3 million ions per second
  • Small, Compact and Silent
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Designed for 24 hour Operation
  • Maintenance Free

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Dehne Non thermal Plasma Ionizer Airnet2000 (Black)

In nature way, to break down odours, to eliminates and deactivate microbes such as bacteria and mould spores is through oxidant with nascent oxygen and charged oxygen clusters. As natural phenomenon, occuring constantly within atmosphere, micro-oxidation is created through the:

  1. Radioactive rays from the earth.
  2. lightling during thunderstorms.
  3. Waterfall.
  4. UV from the sun.


Airnet II  has the same function of creating micro-oxidation to disinfect and sterilise through the micro-oxidation process. Airnet II filters the air around for:

1.  95% Particle Reduction

  • Of house dust, pollen and cigarette smoke
  • Helps allergy, asthma and other respiratory tract diseases suffers


2.  98% Odour Neutralisation

  • Of organic smells from kitchens, toilets, cigarette smoke, oils and greases

3.  90% More Germ Sterilisation

  • Higher shelf life of food, fruits and vegetables
  • Reduce dangers of infections in medical and health settings.

4.  Maintenance FREE


  • Coveraage Area:   60m²
  • Power Supply:   230V
  • Power Consumption:   10W
  • Dimension(mm):   105(W) x 105(D) x 102(H)
  • Weight(kg):   1


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