Dahfa Dried Fish Fillet


Made from fresh fish meat, our favourite childhood snack is actually not all that bad for us, when it’s up against Twisties, Mr. Potato and the rest. No cholesterol, no saturated fat, and low in sodium, this makes an ideal snack when you have the munchies. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’s high in protein too!





ç⊃2;¾é¸æ·±æµ·é±ˆé­šçš„最新鮮魚肉製造è€& #35140;成。採用新鮮魚肉,以最新設備及ç‰⊃1;殊技術在嚴格衛生&ari #110g;“è⊃3;ªç®¡ç†ä¸‹è£½æˆï¼Œå«æœ‰é«˜è›‹ç™½ï¼Œç¢⊃3;水化合物,鈣等礦ç #517;©è⊃3;ªï¼Œç‡Ÿé¤Šè±å¯Œï¼Œå‘⊃3;道十分鮮美又不帶腥å‘⊃3;.å®⊃1;易消化,å&# 13;…滿活力又彈牙的​​美å‘⊃3;!是您全家人都喜愛吃的珍å“&# 7;。



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