见证爱情的诺言- 用西方经典爱情象征"丘比特之剑"将相爱的心紧紧结合在一起 , 巧妙传神的实现"心有灵犀一点通" 从抽象到现代的转换 独具匠心的中西结合完美的弥补了热恋中的情侣们不能长相厮守的遗憾。诗般的浪漫情怀 美好的爱情寓意是爱侣们表达爱意 , 见证爱的诺言的最佳礼物。Witness the promise of love - with Western classic love symbol "Cupid Sword," the loving hearts tightly together, clever vivid realization of "minds think alike" transition from abstract to modern perfect combination of Chinese and Western originality makes up in love couples who stay together not regret. Beautiful idyllic romantic lovers who love the implication is affection, love to witness the promise of the perfect gift.

让爱没有遗憾- 摆件整体作为酒架使用 , 既能突出高尚品味 , 又充满了诗一样温馨与典雅。既有美酒 , 也有金剑完美呼应了诗中"隔座送钓春酒暖 , 分曹射覆蜡灯红"的热闹情景。摆设完整的呼应了全诗 , 是不可多得的诗般的艺术品 , 它让爱再无遗憾 , 是见证爱情 , 庆贺新婚的完美选择。Let love without regret - use ornaments as a whole as a wine rack, not only highlight the good taste, and full of poetic warmth and elegance. Existing wine, but also a perfect echo of the poem Revenge "Gezuo send fishing liquor warm, sub-Cao light red wax cover shot," the lively scene. Complete furnishings echoes the poem, is a rare poetic art, it makes no regrets love is the witness of love, the perfect choice to celebrate the wedding.

品浪漫的选择- 红酒是浪漫的 , 也是多情的 , 它适合每个人喝 , 无论贫富 ,  也无分高雅或不羁 ; 但红酒和彩凤通犀酒架确实专一的、浪漫的 , 它品浪漫的生活 最适合浪漫的人 , 浪漫的人喝浪漫的酒 , 用浪漫的酒架 , 品浪漫的生活。Product romantic choice - wine is romantic, but also sentimental, it is suitable for everyone to drink, whether rich or poor, no sub elegant or unruly; but wine and wine racks phoenix pass rhinoceros really loyal, romantic, its products romantic life most suitable romantic, romantic romantic drink wine, with romantic wine rack, romantic life products.

彰显人格魅力- 一个充满艺术美感而又实用的酒窖在酒架的设计上 , 绝不是简单堆砌 , 它必须从多种美学角度以及人文风情进行考虑。不同酒架的美学造型与材质 , 往往决定了家居布局的整体风格。一个别具风格的酒架更加能突出主人的个性品味 , 彰显人格魅力。Highlighting the charisma - full of artistic beauty and practical Wine Cellar in the design, not a simple pile, it must be considered from the perspective of a variety of aesthetic and cultural customs. Wine different aesthetic shapes and materials, often determines the overall style home layout. A unique style of wine racks more to highlight the owner's personal taste, highlighting the charisma.

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  1. 西马:免费送货上门(1-3个工作日)West Malaysia : Free delivery (1-3 working days)
  2. 产品只能传送到投递地址是一个家庭或办公室的地址。Product can only deliver to a delivery address which is a home or office address.


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  1. 如有材料短缺,交货日期会另行通知。In case of materials shortage, delivery date may subject to notification.
  2. 商品售后概不退还。Goods sold are not returnable.
  3. 货物售出恕不接纳退回除了误送不对的产品例外。All goods sold are not returnable except in the event of incorrect item delivered.
  4. 如有误送任何不对的产品,请连同印本发票单并第一时间联系电邮kee_lee_top@hotmail.com或致电: 017-5151665安排回退。.  Any exchange or return due to incorrect item delivered must notify seller together with copy of Invoice/ DO through or call: 017-5151665


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