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Cupcake Surprise

Surprise your friends and family with this delicious treat! Personalise each cupcake with your favourite fillings!

Please ensure that you read through the instructions carefully before first use:
Set includes:
- Silicone Cupcake Surprise mould (for 6 cupcakes) with steam cups
– 6 removable silicone discs with posts
– 6 removable silicone surprise cups

Before you start:
– Ensure that you thoroughly wash the silicone moulds with a mild detergent
– Only adults should put the moulds into or take out of ovens
– Always supervise children whilst using this product
– Wash and ensure that the moulds are dry before storing away after each use
– Do Not use knives or sharp blades on the moulds
– Only use the moulds in an oven. Never place them on an open flame or stove top or any other heating appliance
– Take care whilst handling the moulds as they may be extremely HOT when taken out the oven
– Always use oven gloves when taking the mould in and out the oven.

How to make your Cupcake Surprise’s:
Before the real fun starts you will need to bake your cupcake surprise. The quickest and easiest method to do this would be to buy a good quality cake or cupcake mix from a supermarket. If you are using a plain sponge type cake mix, you can add flavour by adding vanilla extract, lemon juice or even orange juice into the mix if required:
– Pre-heat oven to the specified temperature as stated on the cake mix
– Mix together cake mix as stated on the cake mix packet guidelines
– Place the cupcake surprise silicone bakeware set on a cooking sheet or tray
– Place the removable silicone discs on the bottom of each cupcake mould (as shown below)


Now the fun part begins:
Grease the cupcakes surprise mould sufficiently with butter or magarine (especially on the base where the treat post stems from).
There are 2 ways to create the cupcake surprise fillings:
1) You can place a treat onto the treat post if you like and then pour the cupcake mix into the cupcake mould (as shown below covering the treat fully) to the max level indicator or:
2) Insert the surprise cup onto the treat post and then pour the cupcake mix into the cupcake mould (as shown below) to the max level indicator (but make sure that the cupcake mix does not over flow into the surprise cup taking into consideration the mix will need to rise). Note that the surprise cup has a small hole on the bottom and needs to be inserted gently onto the treat posts. Do not fill the surprise cup with anything at this stage as you will need to fill after the cupcake has risen and cooled.

– Fill each steam cup with water to level indicator (do not overflow) as shown below:

– Place in the oven, for the specified time on the cake mix packet, usually between 18-22mins. You may need to experiment at this stage initially, as different cake/cupcake mixes will rise at different rates/temperature. Do not be put off if they do not rise completely the first time.
– Remove from the oven using oven gloves and wait at least 10 mins or until cooled.
– Once baked to remove the cupcake from the silicone mould you will need to gently twist a little and push up slowly using your thumb.

– Once the cupcakes have been removed from the silicone mould you need to gently remove the discs from the bottom of the cupcake and the surprise cup from the top of the cupcake (if used). At this point it is very important that the cupcakes have completely cooled.
– You can now fill the gap left by the surprise cup with  your favorite treat, i.e. butter cream, jam, chocolate, gummy bears, candy, fresh cream, fruit etc…The options are limitless and depend on who you would like to surprise!!

Cleaning up the mess…
– Once the moulds have cooled sufficiently and you have removed any excess cake, simply wash them by hand, using a mild detergent.
– Do not use in a dishwasher
– Do not wash using any abrasive scourers


Product Details

What’s in the box

1 x Silicone mould (for 6 cupcakes) with steam cups

6 x Removable silicone discs with posts

6 x Removable silicone surprise cups



Product Dimension (L x W x H in cm) :  37 x 6.5 x 11
Product Weight (in kg)                      :  0.26
Material                                          :  Soft Plastic
Color                                              :  Black





T & C

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Warranty Claim:

  • 14-days warranty for manufacturing defects from the date of receipt.
  • For warranty claims, email to the below:
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