Pretend play, also known as symbolic play, imaginative play, dramatic play or good old make-believe, also introduces the concept that one thing can "be" another — a huge leap in your child's understanding. After all, numbers and words are just scribbles and lines that stand in for math and language. And if something can be something else in a game of pretend, then your toddler can be...anything he or she wants! This Multimedia Kitchen Fast Food Center allows your child to own their own burger joint!

A safer way to learn how to work in a kitchen

The real kitchen may be too dangerous or kids to work on and hone their culinary skills. Instead of putting them through the arduous tasks of a real kitchen, why not give them a safer outlet by introducing them to the wonders of the culinary world with this Multimedia Kitchen Fast Food Center. Let your kids show off their creative and imaginative prowess and cook up a glorious feast for all to enjoy!

Improve your children’s learning skills

Not only is this Multimedia Kitchen Fast Food Center fun to use, it can also help boost your child’s learning skills like basic math, utensil identification, proper use of the utensils, kitchen safety and vocabulary building as well as enforcing social etiquette like taking turns to cook and teamwork with their siblings and friends.



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